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Why CIS?
We give you what typical security companies can’t—a commitment to your career.  Our progress tracks target career advancement and our versatile career tracks enable you to reach your highest potential. Our executive management team is strongly committed to the professional and personal growth of our most crucial asset – our Protection Officers.

CIS practitioners capitalize on much more than unique positions within CIS. As part of the KKP Security Group, CIS employment leads to management, administrative, instructor and other advanced positions within all of the KKP organizations. Together we are an alliance of security companies striving to provide our practitioners with a truly diverse realm of career possibilities. We proudly promote from within to actively influence career development.   

Grow in our practitioner’s environment.
Unlike conventional “security companies,” CIS is a true practitioner’s environment. Our focus on effectiveness distinguishes us from traditional efficiency-based “security companies” that prioritize quantity over quality. Virtues like professionalism, leadership and commitment mark our culture. The corporate virtues, philosophies, beliefs and attitudes that permeate our organization set us apart and fuel our effectiveness. 

Our culture gives our practitioners the means to embrace knowledge, achieve excellence and find purpose. Built on a rock solid base of virtues and philosophy established over the course of twenty years, our culture is our anchor and the root of our competitive advantage. Through it we are able to accomplish our mission: to be the best of the very best. 

Thrive on our commitment.
CIS is the leading protection firm in private sector based public safety. How? We set the highest standards in the industry and we practice them. That’s why we hire and retain only the finest practitioners. Our devotion to the advancement and promotion of our practitioners makes us second to none. We make a pledge to our practitioners and we honor it. "We Commit"  is our vow to our practitioners and a powerful means to encourage career development, ensure excellence and maintain our healthy culture. Through it we create opportunity, cultivate leadership and promote professionalism. 

Opportunity to prosper in the CIS environment awaits. Don’t delay exploring a meaningful and rewarding career with CIS -- start by viewing our Career Development video. Join the rest of the VERY best. Apply online and embrace your future today. 

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As a member of the KKP Security Group, CIS is committed to providing every opportunity for our personnel to explore new opportunities and advance in their careers.

Please view our Career Development video to hear the personal stories of CIS officers who have grown and advanced through our ranks

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