Career Rewards

Personnel who meet the CIS standards can look forward to a number of career rewards:

Excellent Pay Rates!

CIS leads the Tampa Bay area in security salaries. Armed positions can earn between $23,000 and $35,000 per year. Average pay for unarmed assignments ranges between $19,000 and $21,000 per year.

In addition to base officer salaries, CIS officers may receive bonuses for tenure, patrol assignment, and increased rank.

Great Benefits!

CIS officers are provided with a range of benefits, including paid vacation, paid sick days, medical/dental insurance, free life insurance, $1,000 to be used at the S2 Safety and Intelligence Institute, overtime work to include holidays, and free and reduced price training through the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute.

Challenging Assignments!

CIS personnel are more than just security officers--they are security problem solvers. Utilizing proven tactics and the latest technologies, CIS officers work as an integrated team to solve client problems.

In addition to conventional assignments, CIS offers professional security personnel a range of exciting opportunities. First is the Patrol Division. CIS operates the largest and most state-of-the-art patrol service in the Tampa Bay area. If you have the right qualifications and the desire for more challenging assignments, the CIS Special Services Group (SSG) might be just right for you. SSG officers work as a team to clean up crime ridden properties and provide protection for clients with escalated levels of risk. The SSG also assists with anti-terrorism deployments, executive protection, workplace violence, and other special assignments.

100% Professionalism!

As a company owned and operated by experienced security and public safety professionals, we ensure that all aspects of our operations are executed at the highest standards. This philosophy extends from the training and direction we provide to our officers to our support of their operations in the field. For example, all CIS officers are provided radio communications and support through our 24-hour operations center and criminal intelligence and operations database (CIMATRIX). Additionally, CIS is the only company in the Southeastern United States to equip its patrols with new cars, GPS tracking, radio communications, and laptop computers in each vehicle.

Make a Difference!

Our officers are known worldwide for their proactive approaches to crime in communities and the impact their services make in reducing crime and ensuring public safety. As active participants in the community, CIS officers restore order in troubled environments and serve as positive role models for future generations.

Click here to view CIS making a difference in the community.

Play on a Winning Team!

The success of our officers and unique approaches to security problems has earned CIS worldwide recognition. Our officers benefit from the respect that only comes with a reputation for getting results!





As a member of the KKP Security Group, CIS is committed to providing every opportunity for our personnel to explore new opportunities and advance in their careers.

Please view our Career Development video to hear the personal stories of CIS officers who have grown and advanced through our ranks