We commit...

For two decades, Critical Intervention Services has been providing superior security and protection for people, communities and businesses. We set the highest standards in the industry and we practice them. That’s why we hire only the finest practitioners with the right mindset.  Our devotion to the advancement and promotion of our practitioners makes us second to none. We honor our word and we commit:

To creating every opportunity possible for our practitioners to progress on a real career path within the KKP Security Group family of companies.

To making every effort to hire and retain the most professional practitioners in the security industry.

To treating our practitioners with respect and trust and to interact with them with dignity at all levels of supervision and management.

To keeping the organization free from unnecessary stress and conflict and maintaining a friendly and family-focused work relationship with our practitioners.

To providing access to professional level training that will assist our practitioners in developing their skills and fuel progression along their chosen career paths.

To providing mentorship and personal guidance in the career development and leadership training of our practitioners.

To providing the most effective and up-to-date equipment and technology available within our industry.

As the CIS Leadership Team, we pledge these commitments to our practitioners.





As a member of the KKP Security Group, CIS is committed to providing every opportunity for our personnel to explore new opportunities and advance in their careers.

Please view our Career Development video to hear the personal stories of CIS officers who have grown and advanced through our ranks