Parting Words from Past Employees

Good evening Mr. Poulin,

This is Joel Turner, formerly Bravo 294. It has been a little over two years since I left Critical Intervention Services, yet I still find myself thanking you and your unequaled Command Staff for the opportunity to experience the "critical difference." It is not often that one gets to experience a position in which they were truly "cut out for." Not to mention an agency that makes promises that materialize into fact. Everything that CIS said they would do for me (depending on how far I wanted to go) was upheld. As soon as I reached BRAVO status, I began training to be a sector command unit, and I knew that it would not stop there. I was then hand picked to take part in the (EP) / Advanced Firearms Training course, which was an honor. Additionally, I was chosen to serve on the Honor Guard for the agency's client Christmas party. There will NEVER be another company like Critical Intervention Services. I truly enjoyed my job, I was committed! The expertise in which I was taught in the field and through classroom sessions has followed me throughout my continuous endeavors within the private sector and throughout everyday living. There will NEVER be another agency that can hold a candle to CIS!

Once again thank you, Sir, for the many opportunities that you've allowed me to experience.

Respectfully submitted,
Joel Turner

CIS has shown me that Brotherhood can be found in the civilian sector as it is in the military.  I would first like to thank all the officers here in Orlando that I have the honor of serving with. I couldn't ask for a greater primary than Mike,(B510). David, (VT524), your leadership qualities are unsurpassed. May more supervisors strive to attain your understanding and knowledge.  Carchio, (D6), you are an outstanding mentor and leader; thank you for all of your assistance. Melody, (O1), thank you for being understanding and flexible with the scheduling needs of myself and all officers. Last but not least, the Officers' lifeline, Orlando operators; even working as 10-71 I until now have not dealt with an outstanding group of dispatch/operators and Ma'am's, it is with a heavy heart and many days of contemplation of which at this time have made the decision to part ways with CIS. As of today, January 15, 2014, I, Rick Vargas (B552), hereby submit my two weeks notice. I will notify the Orlando office of such and schedule my exit interview within three days of my final workday of January 29, 2014. Until my final workday I will continue to work my current availability of Monday thru Friday 1700 to 0100 at Area 738.

Thank you to ALL Orlando officers for what you do. Remember,  you do make a difference in the communities you serve; especially in times when you feel you don't.  May God bless you all.

Sincerest thanks,

Rick Vargas - Bravo 552


I would like to begin by wishing a Happy Thanksgiving! I was contacted by the Federal Air Marshal Service for a tentative offer as A Transportation Security Specialist in Washington D.C. with and Entry Duty Date of December 15, 2013. It is very unlikely this date would change there is a possibility it might change. In fairness to the Critical Intervention Services I need to give my notice to resign for the effective date of December 13, 2013.

Furthermore, in the past I have spoken with Adam Clarke for consideration as a Instructor with the S2 Institute. I would like to emphasize that I have been and continue to be extremely interested continuing on that path with the KPP Group. Although it would be limited, I would be able to make myself available for Firearms and Anti-Terrorism Classes throughout the year. Due to the holiday time this week I would like to discuss this potential for this excellent opportunity at the beginning of next week with yourself and Mr. Clarke.

In final words I want to take the opportunity to show my gratitude for Critical Intervention Services. I was given the opportunity to work for Critical Intervention Services and for that I will always be grateful and appreciative.
The professionalism, openness, guidance and the sense of being welcomed to the family that I have received from all levels of supervisors including Adam Clarke, Randy Bray, John Caraballo, David Arias, Melody Taylor as well as yourself Mr. Fogarty has been unparalleled. I have been nothing but completely impressed with the standards and professionalism that the KPP group has set for itself.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Jason McGowan
Echo 621

To All,
As some of you already know I have accepted a position with Pinellas County in the Emergency Communication Center.  I am beginning my training as a 911 call taker on January 28th.  There are too many people for me to thank to list out in this email, so I just want to say thank you to everyone.  I have learned a lot during my time with CIS, and hopefully I have been able to pass some of that on to others.  It has been a pleasure working
with such a great group of people and making a difference in the community.  I will definately miss working for CIS and with my fellow Officers.

I would like to schedule my exit interview for January 25th with my last day in the field being January 24th.

Thanks for everything,

- MSgt. Philip A. Hazlett
Mike 303
Pinellas Supervisor
Critical Intervention Services
Special Service Group
Uniform Patrol Division

I have received an offer for employment with the Florida Highway Patrol and am scheduled to begin training on 27 July, 2007. My last day will be on 24 July, 2007 due to the fact that I will need a few days to get things in order before I leave.

I orignially came to CIS looking only for a stepping stone to where I am now. But, now that I have reached the goal I set out for I find myself looking back over the past year I spent here and realizing that my time here was much more than a learning experience. From day one I was surrounded by people who were well trained, professional, and truly cared about the work they did. From my FTO with Delta 4 who taught me more than just how to do this job. He showed me what a leader is supposed to be. I have never met a Lt. who spent so much time and energy taking care of the needs of his troops. Raven 130 was another that made an influence on me early on. He always lended an ear to my complaints and taught me a great deal about the type of officer I wanted to be.

The majority of my time here was spent in sector 2 so I want to mention the three individuals who I have spent the most time with. My squad members Victor 194, Victor 152, and Delta 8. One of the most important things an officer in this field needs to know is that he can trust his back up will do whatever it takes to pull them out of the fire, and they must trust that you will do the same for them. This is the bond we had in Sec. 2. Mark, Kevin, and Hank were more than co-workers they were my brothers and I am honored to have worked so closely to such fine officers.

CIS is more than a company name. It is an agency which strives to better the lives of the less fortunate. It accomplishes this mission on a daily basis, not solely because of our equipment and SOPs. But, because of the caliber of individual this agency employs. People who spend every waking moment working, sweating, and bleeding for a chance to make a difference in someone's life. The memories of my time here will never be forgotten and I am thankful for the oppurtunity to be a part of the CIS famiily, even if only for a while.


Bravo Tango 38
Officer Ryan J. Bunkley

"The important thing is this: to be able at any moment give up who we are for what we could become."

- Charles Dubois

All officers ~

There are moments in a person's life when they have turned the corner. They have moved from one stage to another. I believe October 6th, 2003 was one of those days for me. I became a very proud employee of Critical Intervention Services. I knew of the agency for years prior to applying, but was intimidated by the level of experience and training required of the officers before they were hired. It took years to walk in this office and complete an application. Looking back, it was the best thing I ever did.

From my first day in the field, I knew this agency was something completely different in the industry. I worked hard at refining my skills as an officer and a supervisor. Once I was accepted into the Threat Management Group as a Raven, I had to reestablish my goals in the agency. I decided that the betterment of the agency as a whole was more important than any of my personal goals. This agency has become my life. I eat, breath and sleep C.I.S.

After over three and a half years of dedication, I see another change for me. Today begins another moment in my life where I am about to turn the corner yet again. Effective on April 3rd, 2007, I, Kevin Shea, will be resigning my position as Captain and Commander of Operations at Critical Intervention Services. After long periods of self-evaluation, I have decided to leave this agency and pursue a career in law enforcement. I have been hired on with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and will begin the academy starting in April. I will continue to promote the methods and philosophies of CIS in my ventures.

I have many things to be thankful for during my time here. I have been trained, mentored and groomed by the finest the industry has to offer. The properties, officers, incidents, deployments, assignments and staff
will remain with me. This family will never be forgotten. Thank you for the opportunity to serve, from the bottom of my heart. The pleasure was all mine!


Captain Kevin Shea, CPO, ATO, EPS
Commander of Operations

To All Officers and Operation Staff:

It has been my honor to work for and be a part of the CIS family. Thank you for the opportunity to be one of the elite. The list of people I would like to thank is way to big and any one who knows me knows now much I hate long e-mail. From the CEO to the newest Romeo I wish you all the best. As it states on the bottom of my signature "All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" Evil does not have a chance with a dedicated group of people like you. Be Safe

SMSgt. Joe Perez, K9-1
Special Services Group K-9 Division

First I would to thank all the officers I have worked with in the past 3 yrs, It has been great working with you all. I really would like to thank my partner SMSgt. Shawn Williams, he has not been only my co-worker but he was a great teacher and friend and I appreciate all that he has taught me while serving under his supervision. Many have been gone but some are still here and I will never forget the skills and knowledge I have acquired from all of you. It has truly been a pleasure and an honor , to be patrolling the properties with all of you. Please keep in mind to be safe out there and always watch your partners back and he will watch yours.

Ofcr. A. Gonzalez (Nova 129)


It is with sadness yet joy that I must announce my resignation with CIS. My career will be taking a turn for the federal as I begin as an agent with the Department of Homeland Security. My last day of availability will be 3/29/07 and wish to schedule my exit interview for 3/30/07.

CIS has afforded me the opportunity to gain much needed experience and I thank them for it. This company is founded on a set of beliefs that benefit the community. I challenge all of you to maintain those beliefs and keep up the good work.

Be Safe!!
Nova 70

"In my time here at CIS, I have learned a lot about myself and people in general. I have learned lessons and gained experience that I will take with me as I start my law enforcement career...I would just like to thank you guys for all you have done and all that you have taught me."

-Sean Jones (Nova 63)

Mr. Jones is now a Deputy Sheriff for Polk County Sheriff's Office

"I am sending this e-mail to notify you that I will be leaving the CIS family on 7/20/06. I hope you will understand that my resignation is less than two weeks. I have been asked to report for training with my new company by 7/22/06. I will have a lot of packing and moving to do, in preparation for an overseas assignment. I appreciate your understanding in this matter. I want to thank everyone for their respect and professionalism while I was here. It was an honor and pleasure to serve my time here. CIS is truly a first class organization, and the communities we serve are very fortunate to have men and women like you protecting them. I wish I could stay forever but I have an excellent opportunity to expand my career and hone my skills as a protector. We were born to protect others and risk our lives so others can rest peacefully. That is why we are special. I will miss you all and good luck to the CIS organization, Command Staff, and grunts in the field. Stay Safe!!!!"

-Respectfully Submitted

Robert E. Rague (Bravo 114)

"My experiences with CIS have been enlightening, positive, and memorable. Under the leadership of such fine officers as Hank Mann, Chris Cabrera, Mike Dougherty, and Chief O'Connor, I learned the valuable lessons of the street. Under their watchful eyes and others, I was able to grow quickly and develop lifelong skills, which should serve me well in my next assignment and in life."

-Bob Burns

Mr. Burns is now with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

"It has been both a privilege and an honor to work with professionals of your caliber. My internship with CIS over the past year and a half has afforded me opportunities for a quality of training that I would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. I salute your attention to detail, your professional dedication, and above all your adherence to a quality of service which appears nearly unparalled in the private protection industry."

- John Reynolds

Mr. Reynolds is now a PhD canidate in Virginia

"As a CIS Officer, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve with, and be a part of, a leading edge cadre of professionals who have set the benchmark standard in the industry...I trust that the IDEA concept will not only continue, but that the "bar of professional development" will be raised to even higher levels."

-David Fraser

Mr. Fraser is now with the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, D.C.

"It is with a heavy heart that I leave CIS and all of the friends I have made here. Luckily I will be moving into a position that will allow me to continue to work closely with the many fine officers of this agency. I have thoroughly enjoyed working here for the last year and 8 months. You will always have a friend at TPD as long as I am there. Thank you for again for the opportunity to learn and grow as an officer."
- Scott Conrad

Mr. Conrad is now with the Tampa Police Department

"I have enjoyed my time with the company and have been very fortunate to serve with such a group of outstanding Officers and Command staff. The superb training I've gotten and the skills I've learned in my time here will most assuredly save lives one day. For that I am grateful. I will continue to hold CIS in the highest regard. I thank you again for the opportunities I have been afforded."

- Russell Faine

Mr. Faine is now with the Boynton Beach Police Department

"I wanted to tell you that the time I spent working for you and your fine outfit were some of the best weeks I have ever spent in any working environment. I haven’t felt that feeling of belonging to a “brotherhood” since I left the military...I will never forget the kind things everyone did for me and I have to say, the whole CIS experience was terrific. I hope you are all safe and I wish everyone luck. You are all true professionals in your field."

- Phil Albenze

"I was part of the first ATO program in Florida, A team. I wanted to say thank you, to you, Tim, Craig, Capt. Logan, and everyone at CIS; the training and invaluable teachings at the S2 institute has given me opportunity to excel in the private security profession. I was in Bosnia Herzegovina last year and the military client was so impressed with my knowledge of contemporary terrorism and training in Access Control and Force Protection procedures that they referred me to a military counter intelligence officer who later referred me to a private contractor. KBR hired me to perform duties as a CI Screener.

I am now in Afghanistan conducting interviews and interrogations of host country nationals and earning over six figures annually thanks to you. I hope that everyone is in good health and doing well. I speak highly of you and everyone over at CIS. I wish you and all much continued success. Again, Thank You!"

- Luis Caballero

The last five years have been entertaining, stressful, and an awesome learning experience and one that I will not soon forget. I look back at all I have done and have to thank everyone in the agency, for without those experiences, I would not be who I am today.

I have enjoyed working with all of the personalities in all of the divisions and will remember something from each of you.

My skills are taking me to someplace different, but not so far as to not see the majority of you. I am still part of the S2 Institute as a firearms instructor and on occassion will pop in to see everyone at CIS.

-Stephanie Morales

Ms. Morales is now an Investigations and Executive Protection Specialist for TECO Energy

As most of you know already I am leaving CIS to work as a K9 handler with the Diplomatic Advisory Support Mission in Iraq. Before I leave I wanted to say thanks to everybody. I have truly enjoyed the last two years working with CIS. It truly has been one of the most enjoyable times in my life. I will always consider every Officer that works for CIS a Brother. CIS was my first home after I left the military and I hope that at the end of my time in Iraq I will once again be able to call CIS home. It has always been the Officers that have made CIS Great I and I wanted to extend my thanks to everyone for allowing me the opportunity to join this brotherhood.

- Christopher Denny

After a year's tour as a K9 handler in Iraq, Chris Denny has returned to the CIS family.

Two weeks ago, I submitted my resignation to Chief O'Connor. I have resigned my position as a Senior Supervisor with Critical Intervention Services. I have been a employee for a decade and I would not change a thing. I have witnessed and participated in a lot of changes over that time. Changes like using our own vehicles to patrol with to marked vehicles. We went from approximately 20 or so employees when I started to triple digit numbers. The volume of calls for service has increased beyond my imagination. AMAZING!!!

I have met and work with lots of Officers. Some have come to be employed by FHP, TPD, HCSO as well as other LE Agencies in the Tampa Bay area and across the entire State. I have made some good friends as well. If I were to thank everyone, this email would take hours to compose and read. So, I will do my best to keep it short as possible.

First, I want to thank Chief O'Connor for his Leadership and advice. Captain Shea, thank you for your help and leadership. I wish you and your new wife all the best for the future. Deb and Lielani, thank you for your understanding and your friendship. Lieutenants Dougherty, Puetz and Rodriguez, thank you as well. I truly hope that I have conducted myself professionally and I represented my CEO, Chief and my supervisors well. And I hope I have never embarrassed them in any way.

...And to all of my supervisors and officers. You all have made me look smarter than I really was. I want to thank everyone for your dedication and hard work. You will not be forgotten. And I will think of you always.
Remember, you are the envy of all private security officers in the State. Try to keep that in mind, as you go about your duties in and out of uniform. Your deeds and actions reflect the CEO, Chief and the rest of the Command Staff.

- Henry L. Mann Jr.

I just wanted to thank you for your patience and understanding concerning the recent events that have affected myself and my family. I feel very fortunate that I am a part of an organization that understands the values and concerns of it's employees and their loved ones. The only company I have ever worked for before CIS that understood this and took care of their own, was the Marine Corps- and I am grateful that I have found this same philosophy applies with CIS.

My deepest thanks - Semper Fi
- Kevin S. Reardon

I have an opportunity to return to law enforcement and have chosen to pursue it. In my time at CIS, I believe that I have learned much and expanded as an officer. I have gained experience and skills that have made me a much better officer than when I came here.

I have worked with a great many people here who I will hope to remain in contact with long after I leave. A command staff that made me feel welcome and afforded me the opportunities that it has. I see dedicated people coming to work, not for the money or glory or ego, but because they believe in what CIS does. For what I have learned here, I will be still be out making community contacts long after I leave here because I have come to realize how effective CCBPI is.

- Chrisopher Priest

I have enjoyed working with CIS and greatly appreciate the invaluable experience that I have gained. I started out with CIS very quiet and timid; this job has given me confidence and community oriented policing skills that I will take with me throughout my career. I attribute much of this growth as an officer to the excellent supervision and support given to me by Sector 2 (Command 10, Raven 97, and Nova 63), Captain Shea who I could always count on for guidance, along with many other great officers I have worked with and under.

- Nathan Thompson

First, I would like to say that my experience working with all of the personnel at CIS was extremely rewarding. From starting as a Romeo, to becoming a Saber, all the way to being in SSG. I have learned so much while working with everyone. I will carry the lessons learned and the experience gained with me for the rest of my life. Thank you all.

This will serve as my official two week notice. My final day will be 12/14/2007. I am leaving CIS for one reason. I have received a full ride scholarship. I am soon to embark on a new career path. I am going to become an RN with the eventual goal of becoming a flight nurse.

That being said, I want to thank Sierra 55, Victor 176, Victor 61, Raven 130, Saber 116, and Delta 8. All of you have worked with me and helped me become a more effective officer. I have enjoyed working with each of you, and wish all of you the best.

I will miss the companionship between the officers in the field. Again, I wish all of you the best, and stay safe in all you do.

- J Huff. Bravo 123, ATO

We make decisions every day in our life. While, sometimes certain decisions hurt. This is my situation right now. Honestly, the decision to leave a family like CIS is not an easy decision to make. But I have to make it because it is dictated by the present.

My family and I we have no words to express our thanks to each and every one who helped us with their support, comprehension and encouragement. I will remain a part of the CIS family and will carry CIS into my heart for life. I encourage the staff to look forward in the direction where they are going because people who have character, loyalty and pride approve the way that they recognize the value of the human being.

A special thanks to Oscar 2 L. Leilani, Victor 61 T.H, Bravo 123 J.H, Romeo 212 B.W, R/Victor 86 C.C, Romeo 173 R.F, and operations staff.

Together Everyone Achieves More.

Romeo 102

To All,

During the past year, I have had the opportunity to work with many great people throughout Pinellas, Manatee, and Hillsborough county. Working for CIS has taught me many valuable work and life skills. As many of my peers know, I have a strong desire to work for a Law Enforcement agency and I was recently offered a position with the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. I have obviously accepted the offer and my last working day at CIS will be April 30, 2007. I will greatly miss many of the people I have become so accustomed to seeing and speaking to on a daily basis. My experiences with this company will go forward with me to my law enforcement career and will with no doubt be a great asset. Thank you all who have helped me grow professionally and have taken the time to care about my personal well being.

Teresa Roman
Bravo 44

To All:

I wanted to extend well wishes to everyone. I am as you all know, leaving CIS for another job opportunity and to take part in the upcoming academy. I have enjoyed my time with CIS. I consider it an honor to have worked with each and every one in the agency. You have taught me invaluable lessons that I will take with me and continue to use. For that, you have my thanks. I wish everyone in the agency the best of luck and hope that you all stay safe. Again, it has been my honor and privilege to work with the group of professionals at CIS. Good Bye and Good Luck.

---Bravo 123---