CIS Protection Officers

Critical Intervention Services is currently seeking qualified candidates for armed and unarmed Protection Officer assignments in some of Florida’s major metropolitan areas. Training and certification assistance is available for all selected candidates.

The CIS Protection Officer is responsible for effecting our methodology, the Community and Character Based Protection Initiative (CCBPI), on the property to which he is assigned. He is usually the “face of CIS” to the client contact, and the first point of contact for any issues on the property. The CIS Protection Officer is responsible for protecting the client’s interests on property, enforcing all community rules, and interacting professionally with the client contact, residents and employees, law enforcement, and other members of the public.

Unarmed officers are assigned to lower threat, lower activity environments such as office buildings or some commercial sites. Assignments for armed officers typically involve the protection of communities in medium to higher threat or higher activity areas. These may be high crime areas, upscale residential neighborhoods, or commercial properties in the Tampa Bay, Orlando Metropolitan, and Jacksonville areas.

From time to time, CIS may take on an assignment providing security services at a retail establishment where we either augment or play a key role in their loss prevention efforts. Our “Asset Protection” officers are experienced, armed CIS Protection Officers who specialize in working in retail environments.

To apply for position as an unarmed or armed CIS Protection Officer, complete and submit our online pre-qualification form. Officers meeting our selection criteria will be contacted to schedule an interview.





As a member of the KKP Security Group, CIS is committed to providing every opportunity for our personnel to explore new opportunities and advance in their careers.

Please view our Career Development video to hear the personal stories of CIS officers who have grown and advanced through our ranks.