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2008 “Record Breaking” Toy Drive

Submitted by: Amy O’Rourke, Director of Public Affairs


The Toy Drive started quietly during CIS’s second year of operation (1993), when then Client WTSP Channel 10 asked our CEO, KC Poulin, if he knew any kids who could benefit from leftover toys they had from their annual Toy Drive. KC of course said yes, and distributed the toys to children on CIS properties. The Toy Drive was born.


When I first starting coordinating the Toy Drive in 1995, it was mostly a one-woman operation. I had 28 kids from 11 families, and was able to shop and do all the wrapping myself. Field officers have always handled the deliveries. As CIS has grown, so has the toy drive. This year was truly record breaking. On Christmas Eve, CIS officers and Santa delivered toys to:

279 kids from 117 families WOW!!

This year’s Toy Drive also included 3 Orlando properties which went online this year.


I may be an expert multi-tasker but there is no way this could still be a one-woman operation. The reason the Toy Drive is such a success is because of all the people (aka Elves) who help make it possible. There are so many people who need to be thanked this year. I often hesitate to name names because someone always gets left out, but I feel these special efforts deserve public recognition. If I left someone out, PLEASE let me know.

Thank you for toy donations from: the Cola Family, the McDaniel’s family and Jack and Louise Belich (my co-editors parents, and special CIS friends) who also donated toys and especially focused on the infants when they heard we had so many this year.


Kapernick, Kim Hogel and family, Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Morelli, Sharon Stoll & Cathy Wolf, Jack & Louise Belich, Patty Schmitt, Michael Michener, Kim Poulin, James Spear, Megan & Molly O’Rourke, Olivia, Ryland & Liam Poulin and of course Leilani Letcher for all she does to help coordinate family request forms and Christmas Eve delivery.

The CIS family never ceases to add to the joy of my family’s holidays by their willingness to help me pull off the Toy Drive, and then their own emotions from seeing it through to delivery.

Thank you to the following who wrapped presents and/or stuffed the family bags: James Spears, Terin Thank you again to everyone who helped make this our biggest Toy Drive ever.