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CIS Issues a New Edition of Standard Operating Procedures


President and CEO, KC Poulin and Mark Puetz, Director of Risk Management
and Professional Standards, proudly holding the newest edition of Standard Operating Procedures.


In the early fall of 2009, CIS issued a new edition of our Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs, to all officers. Dated July of 2009, this document represents the experience of our agency and countless officers over the last seventeen years since our founding. At more than 10,000 words on approximately 500 pages, it is part policy, part guideline, and part handbook. The new SOP expresses everything from administrative practices to field operations to a detailed accounting of our core methodology, the Community and Character Based Protection Initiative. Aside from the detail, a notable difference is the inclusion in this edition of conceptual essays in the appendices in which our core concepts are explored and explained in depth. This edition of our SOPs takes the professionalism of CIS several steps into the future and presents a new benchmark for other security agencies to pursue.