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CIS Joins Forces With Residents and Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office for Clean Up and Preservation of the Nuccio Community

Submitted by: Master Sergeant Rob McDaniels, Community Resource Officer


On Saturday, January 10th 2009 at 0730hrs, CIS officers rolled onto the grounds at the Nuccio Community Center on Sligh Avenue in Sector 3. With us we brought the Mobile Command Center (MCC), the Argo (our amphibious 6-wheeler off road vehicle), nearly a dozen CIS officers, and a strategic plan for working in concert with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. Residents of the surrounding community also joined us in what would be one of the largest combined efforts in the area for a community beautification program ever.


In helping to preserve the community's environment, armed with bags and the determination to accomplish the task at hand. Officers and residents alike set out on foot throughout the Nuccio area dedicating themselves in the tireless effort of transforming roadside areas and sidewalks into what Nuccio residents deserve, a cleaner and safer environment. Broken bottles, cans, boxes, an old dinette chair and a Christmas tree were no match for the Argo and MSgt. Shawn Williams/Mike 55 and Cpl. Sean Jakubowski/Nova 92. These officers "cleared" the area of bags loaded with discarded refuse, while Lt. Hank Mann/Delta 5 and Major Hector Rodriguez/Delta 2 "swept" the pavement and sidewalk areas previously covered in broken glass.


Nuccio Community Council President Tim McMurry and HCSO Deputy Tangelea Jackson took a few minutes away from the clean up efforts to tour the MCC, which was staged at the Nuccio Community Center. There, they enjoyed bottled water and air conditioning, which were supplied to officers and residents who took part in the effort.

Two blocks away, while walking down 50th Street, I had the opportunity to speak with Pastor Lucy Jordan of the New St. Peter's Apostolic Church. Pastor Jordan introduced me to her husband and told me they had never seen an effort like this one in their community before. In discussing our role in the community,Pastor Jordan inquired as to how she and her family could get involved in the community. Although the Nuccio Community Center was only a little more than two blocks away

from their church, Pastor Jordan was unaware that as a member of her community, she could participate in monthly meetings at the Nuccio Community Center. We exchanged business cards and I advised her that I would request Tim McMurry to put her on the monthly email notification. Pastor Jordan happily thanked me for the information, as well as thanked our officers for the work we were doing in their community. As I made my way back toward the Nuccio Community Center, I could not help but be humbled by the overwhelming prospect of a changing tide in the community and the seed, which we planted here today.


I would like to extend my thanks to all those who volunteered to help make a difference in this community. I believe our presence will send ripples throughout the area, speaking volumes regarding what CIS is all about...the community. No one compares to what you and our officers have done in our communities. The differences you have made and the lives you have touched in the course of executing your daily responsibilities as a CIS officer. This community function is just another way for CIS to continue its long established belief that by building those bridges, we can explore new territory.