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CCBPI At Work in Orlando

Submitted by: Major Hector B. Rodriguez, CPO, EPS, ATP
Commander of Uniformed Protective Services

CIS recently started services for a new apartment community in Orlando, Florida and we wanted to share some pictures and a short overview of the new deployment and how it went.


As soon as we arrived on property there were several subjects that immediately ran off property, which obviously had no legitimate reason to be in this community. After ensuring that all persons that were in the common areas were actual residents verified through the rent roll and all guests were escorted by the residents, we started our first phase of CCBPI (Community Character Based Protection Initiative), which is the networking phase. We were rushed by numerous juvenile residents on property wanting to know why we were there and we explained who we were and what we do. We played football with the kids, gave out CIS stickers, candy, and got to know their names and where they lived on property. The kids are very important to us as they are what we call the felony cycle If there is no focus on the children to be productive citizens in our society then some of them will end up taking the place of the current adult criminals that are in our neighborhoods today. They need to have opportunities to interact with positive role models, which our officers strive to be. The kids are also a great source for information. If you want to know who the trouble makers are and what is going on in the community, ask the kids! Beware parents that will rat their own parents out for one of our stickers or candy, lol.
After spending some time with the kids we eventually met mom, dad, brothers, sisters, and in some cases grandma and grandpa. We provided the residents with our CCBPI tri-folds which explain who we are, how we interact with the community, some of the community rules, and most importantly our dispatch number information. We explain to the residents that the dispatch number is the tool for them to be part of the public safety in their community, a way for them to protect the quality of life in their community without having to get directly involved. They don't have to leave their name or say where they live, which makes this a very effective tool to get them to participate.


As you can see in the pictures provided the residents were very welcoming to us and we had a great time. Our current phase in this deployment is the anchoring phase where through the officers networking the residents (creating trust) the community has established a bond with the officers and they start watching out for themselves. This ultimately brings all phases together where a partnership between us, management, and them are the driving force to better and keep this community a happy and productive one.

On these new deployments the Chief and I personally go out and it is always a great experience to see a community in need being molded into a better place to live.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did being a part of it and we all together will continue to better and maintain the communities we work and live in.


Major Hector B. Rodriguez, CPO, EPS, ATP

Commander of Uniformed Protective Services