April 5, 2011 | Issue #11
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04/15/2011 Income Taxes Due
04/17/2011 Palm Sunday
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04/22/2011 Good Friday
04/24/2011 Easter Sunday
KC Poulin, President & CEO of CIS
Chief Mike O'Connor, VP of Protective Services
Maj. Mark Puetz, Dir. of Risk Management
Chris Jones, IT Manager
Andrew Belich, Editor of Client News Services
Amy O'Rourke, Director of Public Affairs
Ashley Casey, Executive Assistant to KC Poulin
Rob McDaniels, Feature Writer
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Free S2 Weapons Training!
By Chief Mike O'Connor, VP of Protective Services

CIS is offering Concealed Weapons Classes at the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute. The S2 Institute was created so that CIS Officers could receive training at a level that would allow the Officers to be successful on the properties, which we service.

CIS will be sponsoring Concealed Weapons Classes at NO COST for up to three members of your management team and/or staff, including HOA board members. All of our clients are invited to attend the class at the reduced cost of $65.00. Classes take place the first Saturday of the month from 9am to 3pm.

If you are interested in attending, please email my assistant Kristyn, with your full name and the date, which youíd like to attend. Her email address is:

Also, please feel free to visit the S2 website at

S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute

See you there!
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In This Issue...
  • Tools for you: Area Alerts
  • Ideas to Deter Copper Theft
  • CIS Profiles
  • Tools for you: Area Alerts
    By Chief Mike O'Connor, VP of Protective Services

    I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of one of our most effective tools we have for our clients. The "Alert System " was created to insure that our manager's priorities could be communicated to the field Officers; this tool insures that the manager has avenues of communication in an effort to achieve the vision they have for the community. Itís basically a virtual pass a long book. The process is very easy, call your CRO and advise what the focus area is and they will enter it into the system. The next day your reporting will show "Area Check per area alert" and the feedback will appear in the body of the report. Remember, these Alerts can be something as simple as an approved party at the clubhouse, a unit that is showing a high level of traffic, or unwanted activity at the playground. These alerts can be in effect for a single day, or weeks at a time. Please take time to reach out to your CRO, your vision is important to us!
    Ideas to Deter Copper Theft
    By Mark E. Puetz, Director of Risk Management and Prof. Standards

    Many of you, as readers of our newsletter or clients of our services, are well aware of the problems posed by copper thieves. Whether you represent a utility or construction firm losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct costs per incident or an apartment community losing a few dollars in copper theft and a few hundred or thousand in vandalism when thieves destroy your AC units, you know the issue. Aside from the costs of loss and replacement, the almost impossible to measure costs of service interruptions and damage to goodwill, and possible exposures in the event of injury or death in the course of the theft, we are all faced with the frustration of combating these crimes.

    As our economy continues to struggle, as unemployment figures remain high, we can fully expect opportunistic criminal elements to take advantage of what they may perceive as "easy money." Some of these individuals may have been hard hit by the economy and are merely struggling to survive. Others, though, have been found attempting to fuel drug habits such as methamphetamine or to be part of larger criminal organizations. What can you do?

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    CIS Profiles
    By Rob McDaniels, Feature Writer

    Cpl. Mike Griff, Oscar Nova 223

    Every minute of the day, Tampa Electric Company relies on the highly trained skill sets of the CIS Hazardous Operations Divisionís Anti Terrorism Officers in securing its many critical infrastructures. At any given moment, officers with prior military experience are prepared to take the necessary action to defuse a potentially disastrous incident and save human lives, should the situation call for their expertise. At the heart of this division is the Central Monitoring Station (CMS), the main monitoring and communications hub for the Hazardous Operations Division.

    On any given day, youíll find Cpl. Mike Griff seated at the helm of this operations center, standing watch over CCTV cameras, multiple intrusion detection systems and field communications; staying vigilant and keenly aware of every officerís movement in the field. Training and experience have taught him that these tools are merely blunt instruments in the absence of the prescribed training in assuring the security of Tampa Electricís high risk installations containing critical assets.

    Although I have worked with Cpl. Griff for nearly the past two years, recently I had the opportunity to sit down with him and really discuss some of his background and the events which lead him to his chosen career. As with previous interviews Iíve conducted, I was again enlightened by details of my subjectís life progression which lead him to the CIS family.

    Cpl. Griff began his career with Critical Intervention Services as a "Charlie" unit in April 2008, standing post at Tampa Electricís Big Bend energy production facility. Less than three months later he was promoted to Reserve Anti Terrorism Officer, leaving behind the tan "Charlie" uniform for a set of grays and accompanying "ATO" brassard. After approximately six months of standing post, Cpl. Griff was prepared for his next challenge.

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