August 2, 2011 | Issue #15
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08/07/2011 Friendship Day
08/15/2011 Assumption Day
08/19/2011 National Aviation Day
08/26/2011 Women's Equality Day
KC Poulin, President & CEO of CIS
Chief Mike O'Connor, VP of Protective Services
Maj. Hector Rodriguez, Commander of Uniformed Services
Maj. Mark Puetz, Dir. of Risk Management
Chris Jones, IT Manager
Andrew Belich, Editor of Client News Services
Amy O'Rourke, Director of Public Affairs
Josephine Mannino, Executive Assistant to KC Poulin
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Free S2 Weapons Training!
By Chief Mike O'Connor, VP of Protective Services

CIS is offering Concealed Weapons Classes at the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute. The S2 Institute was created so that CIS Officers could receive training at a level that would allow the Officers to be successful on the properties, which we service.

CIS will be sponsoring Concealed Weapons Classes at NO COST for up to three members of your management team and/or staff, including HOA board members. All of our clients are invited to attend the class at the reduced cost of $65.00. Classes take place the first Saturday of the month from 9am to 3pm.

If you are interested in attending, please email my assistant Kristyn, with your full name and the date, which youd like to attend. Her email address is:

Also, please feel free to visit the S2 website at

S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute

See you there!
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In This Issue...
  • The Reasonable Plan Part II
  • Do you have the correct coverage?
  • Heat Safety Information
  • Mariner's Pointe Community Event Pictures!!
  • The Reasonable Plan Part II
    By Mark E. Puetz, MBA

    Over the last couple of months we recognized that you have a responsibility to maintain a reasonably safe and secure environment for those who may live, work, or visit your property. We noted that, once you assume a duty to care, you have that duty to care even if it may not have been necessary to begin with. We stumbled a bit over what "reasonably" safe and secure means, because what is "reasonable" can be different from one area to another or change over time. To get a handle on that, we started asking questions about what your needs really were.

    Once you have some understanding of what worries you most, you can start planning how to prevent or mitigate it. You cannot address every incident that might possibly ever happen, though. The human imagination can only take us so far. You simply cannot imagine every single possibility the universe might throw at you. Even if you could imagine a large array of possible incidents, preparing a separate plan for each would likely be unwieldy. Too many plans make it hard to find that one you need when you need it. Too many plans make it hard to develop and conduct meaningful response training. Its just too confusing. Your plan must be robust enough to cover those few types of incidents that are most likely to happen. It should address those incidents most likely to cause you the most grief as well. It should also flexible enough to be useful even for those incidents that are not likely to happen, but still do from time to time. How you determine what is "most likely" to happen? How do you know which will cause you the most trouble? How do you build flexibility into your plan?
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    Do you have the correct coverage?
    By Chief O'Connor, VP of Protective Services

    In just a few short weeks, school will be back in session and now is the time to start evaluating your daytime coverage. Typically, with children in school during the day, activity subsides at the pools and common areas. While reviewing your current coverage ask yourself: is this mostly juvenile related activity? If so, a change may be in order. Additionally, consider any possible procedural changes that may need to be modified, such as opening a gate earlier-allowing for easier access to the bus stop. To discuss any possible changes further, please contact your Community Relations Officer (CRO), or my office directly, to explore your options in coverage and procedures.
    Heat Safety Information
    By Andrew Belich, Editor of Client News Services

    The thermometer is approaching or over 100 degrees in many cities across the country and humidity levels are very high. As a result, heat-related illnesses are a very real threat to you, your family, and your coworkers. More details are provided here.
    Mariner's Pointe Community Event Pictures!!
    Last month CIS attended a community event at the Mariner's Pointe Apartments in St. Petersburg. CIS played games with the neighborhood children and sold fundraiser T-shirts in memory of Protection Officer Mathew Little. There was lots of food, fun and sun!

    If you are planning a community event and would like CIS to attend, please contact your Client Relations Officer.
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