November 8, 2011 | Issue #19
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KC Poulin, President & CEO
Tim O'Rourke, Executive VP
Craig Gundry, VP of Special Projects
Chief Mike O'Connor, VP of Protective Services
Maj. Hector Rodriguez, Commander of Uniformed Services
Adam S. Clarke, Dir. Threat Management Group
Maj. Mark Puetz, Dir. of Risk Management
Amy O'Rourke, Dir. of Public Affairs / Client Newsletter Editor
Chris Jones, IT Manager
Staff Sgt Moody Abdelmohty, Community Resource Officer
Allison Cox, Executive Assistant to KC Poulin
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Free Concealed Weapons Training
By Chief Mike O'Connor, VP of Protective Services

The S2 Institute was created so that CIS Officers could receive training at a level that would allow the Officers to be successful on the properties we service.

CIS is pleased to sponsor our clients for FREE Concealed Weapons Classes at S2 for up to two members of your management team and/or staff. This includes HOA board members. Additional members of your team may attend the class at the reduced cost of $65.00. Classes generally take place the first Saturday of the month from 9am to 3pm at S2 locations in Largo, Tampa, and Orlando.

If you are interested in attending, please email my assistant Samantha, with your full name and the date, which you would like to attend. Her email address is:

Also, please feel free to visit the S2 website at:
S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute

See you there!
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In This Issue...
Mariner's Pointe Apartment Shooting
Submitted by: Major Hector Rodriguez, CPO, EPS, ATO
Commander of Uniformed Protective Services

I am sure you have heard that there was a shooting at Mariner's Pointe Apartments on October 24th. Thank God no one was harmed. There was a subject arrested for Aggravated Assault for firing several rounds in the complex. As you know, we lost Officer Mathew Little on this property earlier this year. This has been a sad time for a lot of us. I wanted to take a moment to ensure everyone that even though the media might have alluded to CIS being a target, so they can sell a story, this was not the case.

Several residents who live on property at Mariner's Pointe got into an altercation with the subject. He then returned and fired several shots just off property into the direction of these residents while our officer was in contact with them. Our officer was not the target and this incident is in no way affiliated with gang activity directed at CIS.

Even though CIS was not the target it still confirms that our officers must be alert and aware of officer safety at all times! Instead of putting on suits to go to work, we don ballistic vests and firearms. We are trained to constantly be aware of our surroundings and and to consistently train when off duty to solidify muscle memory tactical instincts and firearm accuracy.

There will always be someone out there that can do us harm. It is our job to be prepared for so that we, and the communities we serve, stay safe.
School Shooting Safety Exercise
Submitted by: Adam S. Clarke EPS, ATO
Director, Threat Management Group

Recently, our Training Coordinator Bob Logan and I assisted Channel 10 News Reporter Reginald Roundtree in staging scenarios for a special on "Surviving a School Shooting". The two part series aired on Monday October 31st and Tuesday November 1st.  

Senior Master Sergeant Carlos Ruiz played the role of the shooter in the different scenes. Local Chiropractor and Martial arts Instructor Dr. Bob Laronga instructed the participants from the Countryside High School Drama Club in methods to fight back during a shooting incident. The videos can be seen on and will be available on the CIS website as well.

The goal of the special was to highlight a new controversial method in instructing high school and college aged students to fight back as an option to the shelter in place policies now used in these situations. We are sure that the specials will spark discussion among the areas school boards, and reviews of current plans. A roundtable discussion followed at the WTSP studios on Wednesday evening to discuss the special.

CIS and our partners at the KKP Security group provide other consultations regarding safety issues in the Tampa bay area as well. Those services range from free consultations in abuse cases to providing safety at area food programs for the homeless.
CIS Identi-Kid Program at Summerfield
Submitted by: Staff Sgt. Moody Abdelmohty
Community Resource Officer

The Identi-Kid program is a juvenile identification system that assists law enforcement in ascertaining pertinent information necessary for recovering missing children. CIS is a strong proponent of this program. The Identi-Kid ID contains the child's fingerprints, photo ID, and background/medical history. This program is available to residents of all CIS properties.

The first CIS Identi-Kid program was held on October 15, 2011 at Landmark at Savoy Square. It was a resounding success. Since then it has been introduced to four other communities resulting in over 150 kids being inducted into the program. The kids absolutely love getting their pictures taken and getting their fingers printed. The parents appreciate the importance of having this type of identification for their children.

At a recent community event at the South Cove Subdivision in Summerfield, we brought the CIS Mobile Command Center (MCC) as well as K9 officer Senior Master Sergeant Shaun Fogerty and his K9 Raven.  In addition to giving residents tours of the MCC, SMSgt Fogerty did a phenomenal job with his K9 presentation and answering the community's questions. Both he and Raven received a very large round of applause and numerous "thank yous" from both the parents and kids.

With everyone's efforts we were able to successfully log 60 juvenile residents with the Identi-Kid IDs! If you are interested in CIS conducting the Identi-Kid program in your community, please contact your Community Resource Officer.
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