July 2, 2010 | Issue #2
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KC Poulin, President & CEO of CIS
Chief Mike O'Connor, VP of Protective Services
Maj. Hector Rodriguez, Com. of Uniformed Services
Lt. Mike Dougherty, Com. of Client Relations
Lt. Mark Puetz, Dir. of Risk Management
Chris Jones, IT Manager
Andrew Belich, Editor of Client News Services
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Hillsborough County Emergency Access to Gated Developments Ordinance
By Major Hector Rodriguez

Recently the Board of County Commissioners passed an ordinance to mandate that gated communities provide updated security gate access information to law enforcement and other emergency services personnel in order to gain access in a sufficient and timely manner in the event of an emergency.

Although the thirty day period has expired, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is reaching out to all gated and non-gated communities to assist them in complying with the ordinance.  The Sheriff's Office is requesting that all communities send the pertinent information to the email address given below. The email should include the current name of the community, phone number and address for the main office, and if gated, must include the gate code information. Any changes to security gate access information shall be provided to the authority having jurisdiction over the gated development within twenty four (24) hours of the change in information. This ordinance allows for misdemeanor prosecution of the violator/gated development in county criminal court for non-compliance (pursuant to Florida Statute 125.69).

Within twenty four (24) hours of today's date, all information shall be emailed to:

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In This Issue...
  • Two Tampa Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty
  • Who really does security?
  • Hurricane Season is here. Is your property ready?
  • New Community Joins CIS in Orlando Florida
  • Who is Responsible for your Liability?
  • Two Tampa Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty
    By Chief Mike O'Connor

    In the early morning hours of Tuesday, June 30th two Tampa Police Officers were murdered while performing what should have been a routine traffic stop. It is events like these that remind us not only how precious life is, but also how easy it is to become complacent about the risk that all officers endure on a daily basis. Unfortunately, no task or duty is routine; the truth is, danger lurks around every corner. So, while we pay tribute to the memory of these two brave officers, we should also remember the sacrifice that all officers make each day. May God keep these fine men in his grace, and their loving families strong during this incredibly difficult time.
    Who really does security?
    By Mark E. Puetz, MBA

    You have contracted with a top-notch security agency to protect your property. They provide you with a professional, uniformed officer who works evenings and overnights, when you are not there. They patrol, speak with your residents or tenants, assist with problems, identify breaches in your fence line to repair or area lights that are not working, and run off trespassers. Every indication is that they are effective and have excellent relationships with those in your community.

    The relationship you have with your security agency is significantly different from almost every other business relationship. Suppose you contract with a landscape company to mow your lawns, trim your hedges, and pick up windblown debris from around your property. What happens if they do not do their job effectively or miss a few days? A worst-case scenario would leave you with some overgrown grass, rough edges around your hedge lines, and maybe some trash lying around your parking lots. If your tenants are used to well kept grounds, how long will it take before you start hearing complaints? What happens if your maintenance contractors slack off for a day or two? Ms. SmithÂ's broken cabinet door may not get fixed right away, or maybe the pump system on the pool will continue to make that weird grating noise a bit longer. How long before Ms. Smith or your tenants complain? Except for emergency repairs, almost every maintenance matter can wait, if it must, for a few more days. But not security

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    Hurricane Season is here. Is your property ready?
    By Andrew Belich

    The 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season is upon us. The National Weather Service predicts an "above normal" season.  You and your staff need to be prepared to respond to severe weather and flooding.  Your residents will look to you for guidance on the well being of their homes within your community.  

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    New Community Joins CIS in Orlando Florida
    By Major Hector Rodriguez

    CIS recently started services for a new apartment community in Orlando Florida and we wanted to share some pictures and a short overview of the new deployment and how it went. As soon as we arrived on property there were several subjects that immediately ran off property, who obviously had no legitimate reason to be in this community. After ensuring that all persons that were in the common areas were actual residents verified through the rent roll and all guests were escorted by the residents, we started our first phase of CCBPI (Community Character Based Protection Initiative), which is the networking phase. We were rushed by numerous juvenile residents on property wanting to know why we were there and we explained who we were and what we do. We played football with the kids, gave out CIS stickers, candy, and got to know their names and where they lived on property. The kids are very important to us as they are what we call the felony cycle. If there is no focus on the children to become productive citizens in our society then some of them will end up taking the place of the current adult criminals that are in our neighborhoods today. They need to have opportunities to interact with positive role models, which our officers strive to be. The kids are also a great source for information. If you want to know who the trouble makers are and what is going on in the community, ask the kids! Beware parents, they will rat their own parents out for one of our stickers or candy, lol.

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    Who is Responsible for your Liability?
    by Mark E. Puetz, MBA

    Security at a mall in a high crime neighborhood is informed of a robbery that just took place, moments ago in the parking, lot of a woman who was walking out to her car. The on-call manager of an upscale apartment community receives a call late at night about a young child, the friend of a resident, who slipped and fell in the pool area and cut her forehead. Your maintenance man chases off a peeping tom, who trips in a pothole and breaks his ankle while trying to get away. Each of these represents some of the sorts of things that keep you, the property manager, awake at night. Who is responsible for ensuring the safety of those on your property? The security agency at the mall? The resident or the parent in the apartment community? The trespassing peeping tom who should not have been there in the first place? For which of these are you liable?

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