June 13, 2012 | Issue #28
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06/01/2012 Hurricane Season Begins
06/14/2012 Flag Day
06/17/2012 Father's Day
06/20/2012 First Day of Summer
KC Poulin, President & CEO
Tim O'Rourke, Executive VP
Craig Gundry, VP of Special Projects
Chief Mike O'Connor, VP of Protective Services
Maj. Hector Rodriguez, Commander of Uniformed Services
Maj. Mark Puetz, Dir. of Risk Management
Robert Logan, Professional Standards Division
Allison Cox, Executive Assistant to KC Poulin
Chris Jones, IT Manager
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To support the local effort in creating a safer community, SafeTampaBay.org was established to serve as a comprehensive source for information and advice on critical issues of crime and domestic security.
Free Concealed Weapons Training
By Chief Mike O'Connor, VP of Protective Services

The S2 Institute was created so that CIS Officers could receive training at a level that would allow the Officers to be successful on the properties we service.

CIS is pleased to sponsor our clients for FREE Concealed Weapons Classes at S2 for up to two members of your management team and/or staff. This includes HOA board members. Additional members of your team may attend the class at the reduced cost of $65.00. Classes generally take place the first Saturday of the month from 9am to 3pm at S2 locations in Largo, Tampa, and Orlando.

If you are interested in attending, please email my assistant Samantha, with your full name and the date, which you would like to attend. Her email address is:

Also, please feel free to visit the S2 website at:
S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute

See you there!
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In This Issue...
CIS Officer Saves Child Over Memorial Day Weekend
By Allison Cox, Executive Assistant to the CEO

Just two days after performing CPR on unresponsive 11-year-old, Joshua Gilley, Mark "Bravo 270" Galuppo was able to shake the hand of the child yesterday. Gilley, who was found at the bottom of a pool on Sunday, May 27th, would not be alive without Officer Galuppo's help. Tuesday, May 29th, ABC Action News covered the story on the 5:30 nightly news. To watch the piece and learn more about the heroic story, visit this link: http://bit.ly/KFOJNe
CIS Receives Award from Community Organization
By Senior Master Sergeant Carlos "Rico" Ruiz, CRO & Client Relations Division Supervisor

Recently the University Area Community Development Corporation (UACDC) nominated Critical Intervention Services (CIS) for the Deputy Richard Roach Public Safety Award due to our work with our Community and Character Based Protection Initiative (CCBPI). On Tuesday, June 12th, more than 1,200 people arrived at the University of South Florida Area Community Civic Association (USFACCA) Banquet and Award Ceremony, including several CIS representatives, such as: KC Poulin, Chief Executive Officer; Craig Gundry, Vice President of Special Projects; Chief Mike O'Connor, Vice President of Protective Services; Major Hector Rodriguez, Commander of Uniformed Services; Senior Master Sergeant Carlos Ruiz, CRO & Client Relations Division Supervisor and more. At the ceremony, CIS was awarded with the Public Safety Award for CCBPI and our unique methodology, as our efforts have had a notable impact in the community. Below you will find the recognition given by a representative of the UACDC:

Community Initiative: Community and Character Based Protection Initiative (CCBPI)
CCBPI is a holistic approach to reducing crime and restoring order in community environments.  External sources of crime and community predation are removed. Next, organization within the community is restored and the seeds are sewn for long-term community growth. CIS officers can now work on establishing communication with residents and building trust within the community. They then focus on anchoring relationships within families and long-term community growth. The CCBPI approach is in hundreds of communities including in the University Area and has had a positive effect on decreasing criminal activity and significant improvements in resident morale.
What Language Do You Speak?
By Mark E. Puetz, MBA

As with any business, we communicate with various parties all the time. Sometimes the conversations are simple, straightforward, and go well. Other times we all have to "clarify" or "reframe" what we said before. It seems to be the nature of sharing ideas back and forth. When I was in graduate school I remember several "classic" cases, legends, or stories being told. I am sure this is the case with almost any profession. Stories serve a purpose in our culture; they allow us to make an important point in an entertaining way. This tends to make the point more memorable. A story about language comes to mind.

During the 1980's the American auto industry was in a slump. The quality of the automobiles being manufactured was not as good as it once was and the Japanese were gaining market share. Not only were they gaining market share, they were making very high quality cars. They had spent the 70's and early 80's learning from our quality gurus, most notably Deming, Juran, and Crosby, the very people who did not seem to interest us for some reason.

As an aside, W. Edwards Deming was an American engineer preaching quality as early as the 50's, but was largely ignored here. The legends say he was welcomed with open arms in Japan and his ideas really took hold. His ideas get a lot of the credit for the Japanese quality movement and their incredible strides in overtaking the American automobile markets. What might have happened if we had paid attention to the expert in our own town?

In the latter part of the 80's and into the early 90's American industry, of all types, took notice and started looking into what the Japanese had done to become so darned good at quality. Aside from the technical aspects, much of it had to do with mindset. The Japanese had very different ideas about what is important in a business relationship. A cute joke tells all about how they perceived the role of communication with a customer.

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