August 31, 2010 | Issue #4
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KC Poulin, President & CEO of CIS
Chief Mike O'Connor, VP of Protective Services
Maj. Mark Puetz, Dir. of Risk Management
Chris Jones, IT Manager
Ashley Casey, Executive Assistant to KC Poulin
Andrew Belich, Editor of Client News Services
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Free S2 Weapons Training!
By Chief Mike O'Connor

I am very happy to announce that CIS is offering  Concealed Weapons Classes at the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute to our managers and their staff. The S2 Institute was created so that CIS officers could receive training at a level that would allow the officers to be successful on the properties that we service.

CIS will be sponsoring Concealed Weapons classes at NO COST to you, our clients. I want to encourage all of you to take advantage of this opportunity in these somewhat challenging times, it is far better to be prepared and not need it, then to need it and not be prepared. Feel free to contact my assistant Kristyn, to set up your time in the class. Her email address is

Also, please feel free to visit the S2 website at

See you there!
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  • CIS Officer Earns Tampa Police Lifesaving Award For Vehicle Fire
  • A Residents Life Saved
  • Back to School
  • Manage the Message
  • CIS Officer Earns Tampa Police Lifesaving Award For Vehicle Fire
    By Major Mark E. Puetz

    At approximately 2:00AM on Saturday morning, June 26, 2010, a CIS patrol officer observed a vehicle crash between a tanker truck and a red mini-van at Habana and Hillsborough in Tampa. Plainclothes TPD officers were already on scene and directed our CIS officer to use his patrol vehicle and overhead lights to block westbound traffic on Hillsborough. Once the vehicle was in place, he returned to the crash site. The tanker truck was on fire and leaking fuel. The driver of the tanker truck had managed to move away from the crash on his own, but the driver of the mini-van was trapped inside and unconscious. The two TPD officers had managed to open the door to the mini-van, but were not able to free the driver. Fuel from the tanker and the flammable liquids being carried as cargo were on fire and spilling onto the roadway, getting closer and closer to the mini-van. Our CIS Officer came to assist, and among the three of them, they were able to pry away parts of the van that were pinning the driver and extricate him. As they were pulling him away from the crash site, the tanker truck exploded, engulfing it and the mini-van in flames. The two TPD officers, our officer, and the driver of the van were thrown to the ground by the force of the explosion. They managed to get up and get further away, to meet with EMS and render aid to the driver who, according to the initial reports, was missing parts of his face as a result of the crash.

    On Tuesday evening, August 10, 2010, the two TPD officers, the TPD communications dispatcher who coordinated the TPD and EMS response, and our own CIS officer were awarded the TPD Lifesaving Award by Jane Castor, Chief of the Tampa Police Department. In the public ceremony Chief Castor made special mention of how, while we may expect such actions of our police and firefighters, we do not always expect a private citizen to risk his own life in such circumstances.

    CIS is proud to have individuals such as this officer among our ranks.
    A Residents Life Saved
    By Major Hector Rodriguez

    On August 26, 2010 Corporal Ricky Vargas was patrolling one of our Apartment Communities when a resident flagged him down. The female resident advised Corporal Vargas that her husband had stopped breathing. Corporal Vargas immediately contacted our Operations Center via radio and requested fire rescue to respond while he ran to their apartment. Corporal Vargas entered their bedroom and conducted an assessment, he advised our dispatcher that the male subject was not breathing and did not have a pulse; our officer then started CPR. Corporal Vargas conducted CPR for approximately 4 minutes and was able to revive the man, he watched over him until fire rescue arrived.

    Fire rescue transported the resident to a local hospital. We followed up with the resident and we are happy to say that her husband is recovering and doing just fine. Due to our officer's quick action and training he was able to save the life of a resident. Corporal Vargas will be receiving a letter of commendation for his actions and we are very proud of him!
    Back to School
    By Chief Mike O'Connor

    Well, as the song goes, this is the most wonderful time of year--the kids are back in school! As managers Iím certain that this brings a rather sizable sigh of relief and, as you know, activity drops off dramatically. Now is the time to assess your budget and meet with your Community Relations Officer (CRO) to evaluate the coverage on property. As always, CIS utilizes this time of the year to help management modify the coverage, which helps to improve the bottom line. Some procedural changes may also be considered, such as times of lockups changing; perhaps gates need to be opened earlier for easier access to the bus stop? Do not hesitate to contact my office directly, or your CRO, to explore your options in coverage and procedures.
    Manage the Message
    By Major Mark E. Puetz

    One of the reasons you contract with a security agency is to minimize or mitigate your liability exposure, primarily in the areas of safety and security. Most of the time, that works just fine. But sometimes it doesnít. Sometimes things happen. Sometimes bad things happen. What happens when there is an incident, a significant incident, one in which someone suffers a major loss such as a death or serious injury? Appropriate authorities will investigate, of course. The attorneys will line up too.

    Much of that happens later, though. Until then, people will still have questions. Your employees and residents will want to know what happened. Your supervisors or corporate office will want to know what happened. Even your neighbors, whether businesses or other residential communities will want to know. Whatís more, the media may show up and want interviews and video footage. How you respond to these questions, how you communicate to those asking, can go a long way toward minimizing your exposure and preserving your position overall.

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