May 20, 2014 | Issue #50
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05/11/2014 Mother's Day
05/17/2014 Armed Forces Day
05/26/2014 Memorial Day
KC Poulin, President & CEO
Jeffrey Ezell, Vice President of Operations
Craig Gundry, Vice President of Special Projects
Chief Hector Rodriguez, Commander of Uniformed Services
Major Mark Puetz, Director of Risk Management
Adam Clarke, Director of Threat Management and Training
Allison Cox, Executive Assistant to KC Poulin
Chris Jones, IT Manager
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Free Concealed Weapons Training
By Chief Hector Rodriguez, Commander of Uniformed Services

The S2 Institute was created to ensure CIS Officers receive training at a level that would allow Officers to be successful on the properties we service.

CIS is pleased to sponsor our clients through FREE Concealed Weapons Classes at S2 Institute for up to two members of your management team and/or staff. This Includes HOA Board Members. Additional members of your team may attend the class at the reduced cost of $65.00. Classes generally take place on Sundays throughout the month from 9am to 3pm at the Wyoming Antelope Club.

If you are interested in attending, please email my assistant, Brenda, with your full name and the date which you would like to attend. Her email address is:

Class dates and availability can be found at the S2 website, S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute, along with a list of required equipment needed for this class.

See you there!
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In This Issue...
Protection Officer of the Year, CIS Officer Callahan
Submitted by: Major Shaun P. Fogarty, Commander of Uniformed Services and K9 Training

Every year the local ASIS International branch hosts a luncheon in Tampa, where exceptional law enforcement officers and security practitioners receive awards for their efforts in the line of duty. This year, Critical Intervention Services Protection Officer Christopher Callahan was awarded the prestigious award of "Protection Officer of the Year" due to his courageous acts one summer evening in 2013. The summary of the events that night are captured in the brief below that was read as he made his way to the stage to accept this honor. CIS is proud to be comprised of well trained, highly experienced brave men and women like Officer Callahan who make CIS the most elite private sector security agency in the state of Florida.

"On June 11th, 2013, CIS Protection Officer Christopher Callahan was inside the leasing office of an apartment community located in Tampa completing paperwork. A female resident of the property entered the leasing office screaming that there were two subjects pointing a gun at people. Officer Callahan radioed CIS Operations to report the incident and requested law enforcement response. Upon exiting the leasing office to check the area, Officer Callahan located the two subjects standing in front of a nearby building. Upon seeing the him, one of the subjects pulled out a firearm and pointed it at Officer Callahan. Officer Callahan quickly un-holstered his firearm and the subject responded by dropping his weapon into some bushes. Officer Callahan approached the two subjects with caution in an attempt to separate them from the firearm. As he got closer, the subject who had just dropped the firearm attacked. Officer Callahan was able to place the subject into restraints but was then attacked by the second subject. Officer Callahan was able to restrain the second subject as well, and ensure the firearm dropped into the bushes was undisturbed until law enforcement arrived. Hillsborough County Sheriffs Deputies arrived shortly after and took both subjects into custody. The first subject was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and felony battery on a licensed security officer, and issued a trespass warning. He was found to have several outstanding warrants. Sheriffs Deputies determined the firearm recovered from the bushes was not real but manipulated to appear so. Additionally, deputies were able to confirm that both subjects were members of a local gang."
Command Staff Promotions
Submitted by: Chief Hector Rodriguez, Chief of Protective Services

With the growth of our agency and the need for more leadership positions, CIS CEO, K.C. Poulin, has selected and promoted additional command staff members. It is my pleasure to announce the following promotions:

Shaun Fogarty to Major (Delta 3) Commander of Uniformed Services
Shaun Fogarty started his public safety career in 1999 at the second largest shopping mall in New Jersey. He became a certified Field Training Officer, bicycle patrol instructor and sergeant, overseeing a 35-member security team. In 2001, Shaun was hired by the Department of Defense for an armed force protection position at a naval weapons station in Colts Neck, NJ. There, he received naval law enforcement training and eventually became a sergeant overseeing a 125-member armed security force augmenting active duty law enforcement on station. He came to Florida in 2006 and was hired by Critical Intervention Services as an officer in the Special Services Group. The next year, he was promoted to the rank of Corporal and became a Field Training Officer. In 2008, he relocated to Orlando to help open the new CIS Orlando office. From there he continued to rise through the ranks, being promoted to Sergeant then Staff Sergeant. He became the first Orlando K9 handler in 2009 and continued progressing through the ranks to Master Sergeant and Senior Master Sergeant. In 2010, Shaun was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and Deputy Field Commander, which brought him back to the Tampa Bay area. The following year he was promoted to the rank of Captain as the Field Commander of the Special Services Group where he also oversaw the K9 program. Today, Shaun holds the rank of Major as the Commander of Uniformed Services, overseeing the position's respective divisions.  

Joseph Carchio to Captain (Delta 4) Field Commander, Special Services Group
Joseph Carchio served in the United States Army for seven years as an infantryman with one tour in Iraq. He came to CIS in July of 2009 where he was given his first primary position in August 2009 at one of our more challenging properties. Joseph was soon assigned to be a Pinellas relief driver and eventually became the Sector 5 primary where he was promoted to Corporal. He was then moved to Sector 2 where he rose through the ranks and was eventually offered a position as the Deputy Field Commander. Today, Joseph holds the rank of Captain as the Field Commander of the Special Services Group.

Ryan Manasse to Captain (Delta 5) Commander of Hazardous Operations Group
Ryan Manasse joined the United States Marine Corps in 2001. During his service he was stationed in Japan for two years and traveled throughout that region of the world. Upon returning stateside, he was deployed to be part of Operation Iraqi Freedom II, where he conducted security for convoys in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq. Ryan started with CIS in January of 2010. His first position with the agency was as a Charlie Officer and then shortly after became an Anti-Terrorism Officer. From there, he made it his mission to further his education and training with the agency and advance through the ranks. Today, Ryan holds the rank of Captain as the Commander of the Hazardous Operations Group.

Mathew Bassett to Lieutenant (Delta 6) Deputy Commander of Hazardous Operations Group
Mathew Bassett served two enlistments in the United States Marine Corps beginning 2000.  He served as a Breacher/Javelin Gunner with 3rd Battalion 1st Marines from 2001 to 2006. While with 3/1, he deployed as a member of the 11th MEU. After the events of Sept 11th, he participated in multiple deployments as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom I & II. He later moved to the School of Infantry West Coast (SOI), and became a Combat Instructor for the Infantry Training Battalion and Advanced Battalion. During his time at SOI he also obtained his Specialized Demolition and Urban Mobility Breaching Instructor certifications. Matt was hired with Critical Intervention Services in June of 2009 as an armed officer in the Special Services Group. After several months of working residential communities, he began working Loss Prevention in the Tampa Bay area. He transferred to the Hazardous Operations Division in 2012 where he worked as a Charlie Officer, and later moved up to become an active Anti-Terrorism Officer. He stayed active within Haz Ops Division and through hard work and commitment was promoted to Sergeant and served as the Site Supervisor for Bayside Power Station. Shortly after, he was promoted to Staff Sergeant and assumed the Site Supervisor position for Big Bend Power Station. He was later promoted to Senior Master Sergeant and worked within the Division as one of the Deputy Field Commanders. Matt has participated in several Joint Operations with Haz Ops, and SSG, as well as participating in two Emergency Response Deployments. Today, Matt holds the rank of Lieutenant as the Deputy Commander of the Hazardous Operations Group.

John Caraballo to Lieutenant (Delta 7) Deputy Field Commander, Client Relations
John Caraballo is a veteran in the security, public safety and protection industry. With more than sixteen years of experience, he joined CIS in 2012 as an armed officer in the Special Services Group and quickly rose through the ranks. After earning his STOP team certification and deploying as a member of the STOP team, John became a Community Resource Officer for Orlando and Jacksonville.  Recently, he joined the Executive Protection Division of CIS and earning the "Raven" call sign.  Today, John holds the rank of Lieutenant as the Deputy Field Commander, Client Relations.

David Arias to Lieutenant (Delta 8) Deputy Field Commander, Special Services Group
David Arias entered the security and protection industry when he attended John Jay College for Criminal Justice. He found himself veering from the field for several years when he accepted a position as an auto technician in New Jersey and again in Florida. Knowing his true passion was in public safety, David enrolled in the Police Academy at Seminole State College and graduated in 2008. After graduation, he continued classes at Seminole State College to obtain his degree in Criminal Justice. In 2010, he accepted a position as an armed officer in the Special Services Group with CIS, where he soon began to climb the ranks. He has enjoyed working at CIS for countless reasons, but mainly because of the integrity, CCBPI methodology, and the camaraderie. He enjoys working alongside some of the best men and women in the industry and looks forward to his future at CIS. Today, David holds the rank of Lieutenant as the Deputy Field Commander, Special Services Group.

These officers have demonstrated remarkable leadership abilities and represent our core virtues to the highest level. I am also very happy to point out that Lieutenants Caraballo and Arias are the first Orlando officers ever to be promoted into command staff positions. Orlando is growing fast and they represent just the beginning of future opportunities for Orlando officers. These men have the honor of leading some of the most skilled and professional practitioners the private sector has ever seen and I am eager to see what the future brings for others.
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