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New Documentary on Training Anti-Terrorism Officers Released

CLEARWATER, Fla., Jan. 11 -- A new documentary on anti-terrorism training has been released. It follows a new force of Anti-Terrorism Officers (ATO) as they prepare to deploy to such critical infrastructure as energy plants, chemical facilities and seaports. This documentary was created to expose the viewer to the strenuous 245 hours of training that ATOs receive prior to deployment into environments where terrorism is a critical threat.

In this documentary ATOs complete high-speed tactical training in a dormant power plant where they engage in search and neutralize exercises armed with AR-15 semi-automatic rifles. The students go through the Anti-Terrorism Officer classroom training, which includes hands-on training with inert bombs. Viewers will also watch as ATOs train in Rules of Engagement, Advanced Weapons Qualification, Close Quarters Battle Tactics, Facility Defense and Level III Hazmat Technician (Chem/Bio) Training.

The ATO Program was initially designed by the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute for the officers of Critical Intervention Services (CIS) to prepare them to protect this country's critical infrastructure. The program is now being taught to students from organizations such as U.S. Capital Police, SOCOM, U.S. Military, and numerous government and law enforcement agencies. This program provides an exploration of contemporary terrorist methods and basic anti-terrorism skills and knowledge that all public safety personnel should possess.

For a copy of the Anti-Terrorism Officer Training Documentary, contact the S2 Safety and Intelligence Institute at 727-461-0066 or visit