CIS Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officers

CIS Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officers are experienced CIS officers that have been specially selected and trained for the mission of providing protection of schools against criminal threats, including threats of targeted violence. CIS Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officers (SPOs) use the Community & Character Based Protection Initiative methodology as the basis for preventative interaction, detection of threat indicators, early threat intervention, and establishment of a safe school culture and climate. CIS SPOs also conduct day-to-day security and safety activities including access control, intruder identification, and traffic management.

During conventional emergencies, School Protection Officers aid in directing faculty and student response and perform special response tasks such as verification of evacuation (fires, bomb threats, etc.), bomb search, first aid during medical emergencies, etc. In the event of a hostile incident, the School Protection Officer provides rapid on-site response to evacuate and/or shelter students and tactically neutralize the imminent threat.

CIS is proud to be the only private security agency in the United States with a 3rd-party academic peer review of its school protection program. Click here to view the 2014 John Jay College of Criminal Justice report on the CIS Guardian SafeSchool Program.


CIS Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officer Mission Tasks

The following is a list of common mission tasks and responsibilities assigned to CIS SPOs.

NOTE: Specific tasks may vary from school deployment-to-school deployment based on client-specific priorities.

  • Liaison with school officials regarding general day-to-day security issues.
  • Networking (CCBPI) with faculty & students to reinforce social capital, display positive role behavior, and identify (and investigate) the    following issues:
    • Threat Indicators
    • Crisis Indicators (suicide, child abuse, drug abuse, etc.)
    • Bullying and other behaviors that often contribute to formation and escalation of threat intent
    • Dynamic changes in gangs or social groups of potential concern
    • Criminal activity
  • Initiate threat assessment investigations when potential threat behavior is witnessed.
  • Coordinate and lead the joint school-CIS threat assessment team in investigating and assessing potential threats.
  • Liaison with local police on matters related to criminal activity, problems in surrounding neighborhoods, special events, and threat    management.
  • Identify and investigate potential intruders on-site.
  • Assist with school access control functions including on-site visitor escorts.
  • Assist with traffic and visitor control during peak arrival/departure periods and special events.
  • Conduct evening security inspections to make sure doors are locked, alarms activated, and lights turned off.
  • Conduct specific security functions during conventional emergencies:
    • Direct evacuation or shelter-in-place activities
    • Safety investigate threat at hot zone (bomb search, fire, etc.) and verify complete evacuation of facilities
    • Search for secondary threats (ambush, secondary devices, etc.) during evacuations
    • Control access to crime scene (if a crime scene) until police assume full function on-site
    • Control vehicle access and parking to facilitate access of emergency vehicles
  • Liaison with local police on basic security matters.
  • Render emergency medical aid (CPR/AED, choking assistance, bleeding control, shock management, etc.) during major medical    emergencies until EMS arrives on-site.
  • Rapidly intercept, engage, and neutralize violent threats to students and faculty.

    CIS Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officer Candidate Selection Criteria

    Following is a description of the pre-requisite criteria for selection of CIS Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officer candidates.

    • Min. 1 year experience as a CIS Officer with the following experience/qualifications:
    • Supervisor endorsement for superior CCBPI skills & demonstrated exceptional ability to communicate with youth
    • Good physical condition (necessary for rapid tactical response)
    • No serious disciplinary actions
    • CPR/AED Certification
    • 90% or better handgun range score
    • Willing to commit at least one year under SPO employment contract
    • Commitment to complete all annual in-service training and continuing education requirements

    Preferential consideration among candidates may be given to personnel that meet the following criteria:

    CIS Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officer Training

    All CIS SPOs must complete 24-hours of CIS SPO classroom training and 10-hours of Active Shooter Response training, in addition to state-mandated license training (64-hours) and standard CIS SSG/ATO training requirements.

    Click here to view an outline of the 34-hour CIS Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officer course administered by our sister company, the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute.

    CIS Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officer Certification Requirements

    To be awarded certification as CIS Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officers, all candidates must complete the following requirements:

    • Completion of all SPO classroom and tactical training sessions
    • 80% or better score, SPO Course Examination, Multiple Choice Test
    • 12/15 (80%) or better, Written Report & Essay: Active Shooter Incident & Lessons Learned
    • Pass all practical skill evaluations, Active Shooter Tactical Response

    CIS Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officer Procedural Directive and Supervision

    To ensure that officer field performance is effective, standardized, and professional in conduct, all CIS Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officers operate under the direction of the CIS Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual. In addition to the universal policy and procedure sections of the CIS SOP, the SP.1000 series of orders was promulgated in 2013 to provide specific direction to CIS Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officers on issues related to duties, chain of command, uniform standards, weapons, use of force, fraternization with students, equipment issues, and student-related privacy issues.

    In addition to the CIS SOP manual, each CIS client site also has unique Post Orders that dictate procedures specific to the individual school in addition to procedures outlined by the CIS-generated school-specific Emergency Management Plan.

    As defined by CIS SOP SP.3000, administration and operational supervision of CIS Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officers falls under the hierarchy of the CIS Uniformed Division Chain-of-Command. Each SPO unit (assigned by client school) has a designated supervisor (Sergeant or higher in rank) responsible for field-level supervision of the unit. The unit supervisor operates under direct guidance from the Office of the Chief of the Uniformed Division/Vice President of Protective Services.

    Doctrine, training, and program-level procedural directives are issued from the Office of The Vice President of Special Projects.

    To ensure that policies and procedures are implemented properly, the CIS Office of Risk Management and Professional Standards has responsibility for auditing SOP-compliance and authority for investigating violations of CIS SOP and professional conduct through the Internal Affairs Board.

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