Anti-Terrorism Officers (ATOs):
Officer Certification

All CIS ATO candidates are required to complete a rigorous training and certification process, including:

  1. FEMA Emergency Response to Terrorism Course
    16-hours, independent study - ATOs must complete the FEMA Emergency Response to Terrorism Course with an 80% or better test score.

  2. ATO Classroom Training
    20-hours, administered by the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute - ATOs must complete the ATO written test with an 80% or better score.
  3. Topics include:

    Introduction to Terrorism • Dynamics of Terrorist Attacks • Characteristics of Explosive Devices and Bomb Employment Methods • Characteristics of Chemical and Biological Terrorism • Basic Security Planing • Protective Counterintelligence/OPSEC • Physical Security Analysis • Defense Against Hazardous Mailings • Bomb Threat & Search Procedures • Suspect Vehicle Bomb Response • Post-Blast Response • Response to Overt CB Attacks • Shelter-in-Place and Emergency Decontamination

  4. ATO Practical Search & Response Training
    8-hours, administered by the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute - ATOs must complete all pass/fail skill evaluations.
  5. Topics include:

    Vehicle Entry Point Inspection • TSWG Vehicle Search Methods • Human Access Control Screening • Facility Bomb Search Procedures • Shelter-in-Place

  6. ATO Standard Operating Procedures Orientation & Rules of Engagement Training
    8-hours, administered by CIS instructors - ATOs must complete the ATO SOP test with a score of 80% or better.

Advanced ATO Training

In addition to basic ATO certification training, all CIS ATOs are required to complete advanced instruction including:

  • Advanced weapon qualification for the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, 9mm handgun, and 12-gauge shotgun (3-days)
  • Close Quarters Battle (CQB) tactics and facility defense training (2-days)
  • Hazmat level-III technician training (5-days)
  • Site-specific orientation and procedures instruction

Periodic Inservice Training

All ATOs are required to participate in periodic inservice training including facility response and defense drills and hazmat response exercises. As a requirement to maintain ATO certification, all CIS ATOs are also required to complete 16-hours of professional development training by completion of elective anti-terrorism courses offered through the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute.



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