Upcoming Webinar : Facility Preparation and The Active Shooter Threat

On Tuesday, 18 May 2021, Critical Intervention Services and Workplace Violence Today magazine will host a free 90-minute webinar on facility security planning and preparation for active shooter violence.

This informative seminar is designed to provide security professionals and business managers with an understanding of the dynamics of active shooter events and effective measures for protecting employees and the public when mass violence erupts.

The webinar will be presented using the Zoom video conferencing system.

Topics include: Physical Security & Active Shooter Attacks | Protective Design Principles | Attack Detection & Reporting | Barrier Construction & Specification | Secure Entrance Design | Access Control Design & Lockdown Planning | Safe Refuge Rooms | Emergency Communications Infrastructure | Egress Design | Security Force Capabilities & Deployment | Q&A

Use the following link to register for the event: https://www.s2institute.com/events/facility-security-active-shooter-threat-05-2021/