CIS Presents at the 2023 BCBS Corporate Security Leadership Conference

On 1 May 2023, CIS VP of Special Projects, Craig Gundry, was invited to speak on the subject of planning and conducting enterprise-level risk assessments at the Blue Cross Blue Shield Corporate Security Leadership Conference. The aim of the presentation was to assist BCBS corporate security leaders in designing an effective approach for evaluating the effectiveness of their corporate security programs and avoiding problems often encountered when embarking on large-scale assessment projects.

Some of the topics included:

    • Compliance with Best Practices and Effectiveness in Risk Management
    • Differences Between Security Risk Assessment and Security Program Assessment
    • Planning Considerations for Enterprise-Level Risk Assessments
    • Defining the Objectives, Scope of Assessment, and Other Planning Topics
    • Assessment Methodology
    • Team Organization
    • Managing Potential Liability Conditions when Working With Consultants

To those that attended, it was an honor to meet you and we hope the information we discussed is helpful in improving the performance of your corporate security programs.