Free Webinar on HB 837 for Multifamily Property Owners

Florida House Bill 837 (HB 837) was signed into law in March 2023, offering strong liability protections for apartment and multifamily property owners who implement specific crime prevention measures as defined by new statutes. These measures include ensuring the presence of physical security conditions defined in F.S. 768.0706(2), having a documented CPTED assessment conducted by a law enforcement agency or a Florida Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Practitioner (FCP), and training employees in crime deterrence and safety measures beginning in January 2025.

While the requirements of HB 837 may seem straightforward, there are a number of issues that warrant informed consideration and rushing to comply can inadvertently create new liability conditions.

On July 25, 2023, CIS is hosted a free webinar exploring the requirements of HB 837 and presenting a strategy for compliance that considers future developments and enhances defensibility against potential court challenges.

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