CIS: Elevating HB 837 Compliance and Reporting Standards in Florida

TAMPA, Fla., March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a landscape where safety and compliance are more critical than ever, Critical Intervention Services (CIS) stands out not only as a leader but also as the largest HB 837 compliance consulting firm in Florida. With a steadfast commitment to mitigating risk, CIS delivers on this promise through a blend of unmatched expertise, a comprehensive approach to security and legal compliance, and a dedication to excellence that spans over three decades. Specializing in multi-family housing security, CIS has made its mark by working in thousands of communities, offering unparalleled protection and strategic advantages to property owners and operators throughout the state.

The enactment of Florida House Bill 837 (HB 837) in March 2023 has introduced new benchmarks for apartment and multifamily property owners, mandating stringent crime prevention measures. CIS leverages its unparalleled expertise and the largest team of specialized consultants in the state to ensure that compliance extends beyond mere adherence to standards. “We solidify our clients’ liability protections by meticulously preparing their certifications to meet HB 837 requirements,” emphasizes the service’s anticipatory nature, designed to meet and surpass the needs and challenges of compliance and legal defense.

“Our philosophy, ‘Discover the Critical Difference,’ is woven into every aspect of our work,” said KC Poulin, CEO & President of CIS. “This means not just achieving compliance but crafting a strategic shield that protects properties against both crime and future legal challenges. Our extensive experience and proactive approach ensure our clients’ peace of mind, knowing they’re fortified against potential risks.” CIS’s strategic foresight in preparing reports and certifications, designed to withstand legal scrutiny, sets a new industry standard. This attention to detail and preparation underscores the critical difference CIS brings to its clients, offering an unmatched level of protection and assurance.

For property owners and operators seeking to navigate the complexities of HB 837 with confidence, CIS’s proven track record and the promise of discovering the critical difference make it the go-to consulting firm in Florida. Detailed information on how Critical Intervention Services can support your community in leveraging HB 837 for enhanced safety and legal protection is available on our resource page: CIS HB 837 Assessment and Crime Prevention.

About Critical Intervention Services (CIS)

For over 30 years, Critical Intervention Services (CIS) has been at the forefront of security and safety consulting for multi-family housing environments. As the largest HB 837 compliance consulting firm in Florida, CIS boasts an unparalleled team of specialized consultants, offering in-depth solutions for property owners and operators aiming to enhance their safety and legal protection.