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CIS Anti-Terrorism Officers
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Few security officers outside of the government community have the training or experience to effectively prevent and respond to threats associated with terrorism and organized violence.

As a source of security risk, terrorism is unique and the methods used by terrorists require that security personnel receive specialized training, equipment, planning support, and tactical supervision. To address this need for security officers with specialized anti-terrorist capabilities, CIS created the Anti-Terrorism Officer program.

CIS Anti-Terrorism Officers (ATOs) are Special Services Group* personnel that have been specially selected and trained for employment in situations where terrorism is a critical threat.

Examples of typical ATO assignments include:

  • Protection of airports and seaports
  • Security of power plants, water treatment facilities, and other critical infrastructure-related facilities
  • Protection of chemical plants and ships carrying hazardous cargo
  • Protection of office buildings, military bases, news media buildings, and other critical commercial and government facilities during periods of increased terrorism alert

For an inside of view of CIS ATO training, please view our ATO documentary video

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