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CIS Protection Officer Assignments
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At CIS we value our practitioners! We could not have become the elite agency we are today without our outstanding officers. As a CIS Protection Officer, the opportunity is yours to advance your rank and your pay. As a valued member of the CIS family, we encourage you to excel and climb the ranks. All of our management team is promoted from within, including our executives. Stop working for HR managers and work with professionals who know what it takes.

Critical Intervention Services is currently seeking qualified candidates for armed and unarmed Protection Officer assignments in some of Florida’s major metropolitan areas. Training and certification assistance is available for all selected candidates.

Critical Intervention Services has two primary categories of uniformed officers. Each category corresponds with a different level of training/or experience and complexity of assignment.

Special Services Group (SSG)

Personnel assigned to the Special Services Group (SSG) have demonstrated by their training or experience the ability to implement advanced security tactics in a wide range of environments. SSG officers conduct CCBPI operations in residential communities, conduct vehicle patrols as members of the patrol division, and serve a wide range of protective functions. Most of the environments that SSG officers operate in are classified as “Medium” to “High” threat.

Experienced SSG officers are often selected for assignment to special operations, including STOP teams, anti-terrorism deployments, and other types of operations that require an exceptional level of officer performance. Officers assigned to special operations typically work in teams and receive additional training in advanced security tactics.

SSG officers perform their assigned duties primarily in BDU uniform, but on occasion work in Class “A” uniform or in plain clothes.

Basic Qualifications: SSG

  • Florida Class “D” and “G” Licenses
  • 2 Years of armed security experience, OR prior military or law enforcement experience, OR graduation or certification from an accredited law enforcement academy, college law enforcement degree program, or accredited institution (AA, AS, BS, or BA Degree). For degrees, please provide transcripts of and/or a copy of obtained degree

As a separate career track, some SSG officers may be assigned as Asset Protection Officers. These officers specialize in working retail environments to assist or support loss prevention efforts. They typically work in a Class “A” uniform. Due to the unique needs of the specialty, they are paid on a different scale from other SSG officers.

Basic Qualifications: Asset Protection

  • Must have been an SSG officer for a minimum of ten months.
  • Prior military service or law enforcement experience, or be a graduate of a law enforcement academy.

Risk Management Group

The CIS Risk Management Group is typically employed in low-threat environments, such as corporate offices and suburban residential communities. Though officers in this division are not required to possess the same training or experience as SSG officers, Risk Management Officers are expected to perform their duties with the same degree of professionalism and competence.

Risk Management Officers perform their duties in the CIS Class “A” uniform and may be armed or unarmed (depending on licensing, experience, and the requirements of the officer’s assignment).

Basic Qualifications: Risk Management

  • Florida Class “D” License (and “G” License, for armed assignment)
  • 1-2 years of security experience, OR an associates degree in an unrelated field

Promotion from Risk Management to SSG

An individual who is hired with no experience that completes eight months continuous full-time employment may be considered for promotion to Risk Management Armed. Following eight months in this capacity the officer may be considered for promotion to Special Services Group. Previous education and experience may be considered.

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