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The CIS Employment Process Begins Online!
Join the CIS Team of Professionals!

At CIS we value our practitioners! We could not have become the elite agency we are today without our outstanding officers. As a CIS Protection Officer, the opportunity is yours to advance your rank and your pay. As a valued member of the CIS family, we encourage you to excel and climb the ranks. All of our management team is promoted from within, including our executives. Stop working for HR managers and work with professionals who know what it takes.

CIS is a unique security agency. Make no mistake—We are looking for the best-of-the-best! To ensure the quality of the personnel we hire, we use one of the most stringent hiring and selection processes in the private security industry. For applicants first viewing our process, this may appear intimidating.

The following is a simplified description of our process that we hope will clarify your questions and give you useful advice on your path to becoming a CIS officer.Excellent Pay Rates!

Click here for a printable version (pdf).

STEP ONE: Fill out the Online Employment Application.

Becoming a CIS officer begins by completing our Online Employment Application. We strongly recommend that you complete the application at home on your personal computer before coming to our office.

The first part of the application is a pre-screening questionnaire to ensure that you meet basic eligibility requirements. If you meet the basic criteria, the application will allow you to proceed. If not, you will be instantly notified and redirected accordingly.

Once your application is received, it will be reviewed by our HR Department to determine if you meet CIS and state regulatory requirements. Our HR team will then initiate a criminal background check and contact you to schedule an interview.


  • Allow yourself ample time to complete the application. Average completion time is one hour.
  • If you need to break during the application process, the application will save your information and you can return to complete it using your email address and phone number.
  • Do not rush and skip sections or leave sections incomplete. This will reflect negatively on our assessment of your application.
  • Don’t worry if we do not contact you back immediately. It sometimes takes one or two business days to review applications and conduct the preliminary background checks. Once our staff has processed your application we will contact you to schedule the interview or to notify you that your application was insufficient.

STEP TWO: Come in for an interview.

Depending on your location within Florida, your interview will take place either at our Corporate Headquarters in Largo, our Orlando branch or our Ft. Lauderdale branch. During your interview, you will meet with a member of our HR team.

This initial meeting is an opportunity for HR to review your application with you and discuss your credentials and your previous work and life experience. HR will also answer any questions you may have about CIS. Depending on availability, you may also meet with a member of our Command Staff.

If you are a good candidate to be a CIS officer, HR will initiate an employment history check and contact your prior employer(s) to verify employment.


  • Professional business attire is appropriate for the CIS interview!
  • Because you might be meeting with more than one person, be prepared to spend a few hours at your interview location.
  • Bring your valid driver’s license, social security card, “D” and “G” licenses if you have them, any documentation regarding Florida Law Enforcement certification, and if you are prior military, your DD214 Member 4 or Service 2.
  • Employment verification can take one to three days to accomplish. An HR member will contact you when verification is completed.


If we can’t make contact with your previous employer(s), or if there are unusual circumstances in your case, CIS may elect to conduct an oral board review. This is an opportunity for CIS to discuss with you and gain understanding of matters relating to your prior employment and situation. HR will inform you if an oral board is required and schedule a date and time.

STEP THREE: Complete pre-hire testing requirements.

Once we have satisfactorily verified your employment history, you may receive a conditional hire offer. Employment as a CIS officer requires satisfactory results on the following tests: drug urinalysis, IQ test, psychological test and personality profile.

CIS requires all new officers to complete this series of standard tests to determine their suitability for certain types of assignments. These tests are conducted at the interview location and require between one and two hours to complete.


  • Relax and take your time when testing. Rushing may unfavorably skew the results of certain exams and you will have to re-test.
  • Answer questions honestly. False answers may also unfavorably skew results.

STEP FOUR: Getting into the field.

Upon successful completion of steps one through three, CIS may offer you a position as a Protection Officer. If you accept a position, there are a few things you will need to do before you begin training.

CIS has developed and practices a methodology that is unique to CIS. In order to protect our proprietary interests, CIS requires all new officers to sign a non-disclosure and non-competition agreement along with the CIS Character Statement.

When your paperwork is complete, you will be scheduled for classes to receive your D and G licenses, if needed. Once you are licensed and have completed Orientation, you will be issued a CIS uniform and scheduled for Field Officer Training.

Upon completion of Field Officer Training, you will be given a field assignment and will begin working as a CIS practitioner.


  • Orientation is a paid, one-day class designed to teach you about CIS methodology and procedure. Orientation is held every Friday.
  • During orientation you will be given a copy of the CIS SOP manual to study.
  • You will be required to pass a test on the SOP manual within 90 days. Don’t procrastinate. As soon as you pass the SOP test you will receive an automatic pay increase.
  • During Field Officer Training you will shadow an experienced CIS Protection Officer for three-days. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn as much as possible.
  • D class is held every week, Monday through Thursday (40 hours)
  • G class is held every other weekend over 3 days (28 hours)
  • CIS pays for the cost of licensing if you remain employed full-time with CIS for 6 months.

We hope this assists you with beginning your journey to joining the CIS family of professionals and helps you to become one of the best-of-the-very-best.

Career Paths

Please view our Career Development video to hear the personal stories of CIS officers who have grown and advanced through our ranks.

Opportunity to prosper in the CIS environment awaits. Don’t delay exploring a meaningful and rewarding career with CIS -- start by viewing our Career Development video. Join the rest of the VERY best. Apply online and embrace your future today.

CIS Career Positions/Opportunities

CIS Protection Officers

The CIS Protection Officer is responsible for effecting our methodology, the Community and Character Based Protection Initiative (CCBPI), on the property to which he is assigned.

Anti-Terrorism Officers

Terrorism is unique and the methods used by terrorists require that security personnel receive specialized training, equipment, planning support, and tactical supervision.

Executive Protection

As a leader in the executive protection community, CIS is actively recruiting experienced protective services personnel for assignments in Florida and throughout the United States.

CIS Disaster Officers

CIS disaster response team personnel provide security and mitigation assistance to facilities located in multi-state post-disaster environments.

Career Rewards

Personnel who meet the CIS standards can look forward to a number of career rewards such as; Excellent Pay, Great benefits & Challenging Assignments.

CIS Commitment

For decades, we have provided superior security and protection for people, communities and businesses. Setting highest standards in the industry.

Wages & Benefits

CIS disaster response team personnel provide security and mitigation assistance to facilities located in multi-state post-disaster environments.

Employment Process

Personnel who meet the CIS standards can look forward to a number of career rewards such as; Excellent Pay, Great benefits & Challenging Assignments.

Career Development

For decades, we have provided superior security and protection for people, communities and businesses. Setting highest standards in the industry.

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