Upcoming Webinar : Facility Preparation and The Active Shooter Threat

Upcoming Webinar : Facility Preparation and The Active Shooter Threat

On Tuesday, 18 May 2021, Critical Intervention Services and Workplace Violence Today magazine will host a free 90-minute webinar on facility security planning and preparation for active shooter violence.

This informative seminar is designed to provide security professionals and business managers with an understanding of the dynamics of active shooter events and effective measures for protecting employees and the public when mass violence erupts.

The webinar will be presented using the Zoom video conferencing system.

Topics include: Physical Security & Active Shooter Attacks | Protective Design Principles | Attack Detection & Reporting | Barrier Construction & Specification | Secure Entrance Design | Access Control Design & Lockdown Planning | Safe Refuge Rooms | Emergency Communications Infrastructure | Egress Design | Security Force Capabilities & Deployment | Q&A

Use the following link to register for the event: https://www.s2institute.com/events/facility-security-active-shooter-threat-05-2021/

Protecting Facilities Against Violent Intrusion Webinar

Protecting Facilities Against Violent Intrusion Webinar

Thanks to all who attended the our recent Protecting Facilities Against Violent Intrusion webinar. We were delighted to by both the amazing turnout (over 500 professionals!) and the enthusiastic feedback. We hope we’ll see you again soon in an upcoming course.

For those unaware of the event, the webinar was presented in response to the 2021 Capitol Hill Riot and delivered on 23 February 2021 for a diverse audience of security professionals, and repeated on 25 February 2021 for a mixed group of ASIS International chapters in India. The 1.45 hour program focused on physical security design and emergency preparations for mitigating risks of armed attack and mob invasion.

If you missed the event, no worries. The video is posted below.

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Presenting at John Jay College’s 2016 School Security Summit

CIS was honored to once again join the team at John Jay College of Criminal Justice during the 2016 School Security Summit. Craig Gundry, VP of Special Projects, presented a two-hour seminar on Six Common Problems in School Security Planning to an audience of over 50 New York area school administrators and security officials.

CIS Guardian SafeSchool ProgramĀ® consultants have assisted scores of schools managing risks of active shooter violence and creating safer campus communities.Ā  Contact us for more information.

Craig Gundry John Jay College School Security Summit

Officer Mike from School Protection Division of CIS visits PreK

Staff Sergeant Michael Marcus, the supervisor of the School Protection Division of Critical Intervention Services (CIS), visited Mrs. Reynolds’ PreK class on Tuesday morning and discussed his role on campus. Known around campus as Officer Mike, he spent about an hour with the kids describing the purpose of each tool on his duty belt, including some entertaining discussion about the handcuffs, the flashlight, the first aid kit and the radio.