ABC News Interviews CIS about Security Readiness & Biden’s Inauguration

ABC News Interviews CIS about Security Readiness & Biden’s Inauguration

Following the aftermath of the Capitol Hill riot, CIS provided expert commentary for a number of Florida news agencies on security failures and preparations for future acts of violence.

Following is a link to one of the interviews on WFTS ABC News.


School Security Training Webinar for Independent School Leaders

School Security Training Webinar for Independent School Leaders

The following series of school security training videos is produced as a webinar edition of the one-day Integrated Security Planning for School Administrators (ISPSA) seminar as presented for independent school organizations and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The ISPSA webinar series explores a full spectrum of school security training topics including risk management strategy and planning, safe school climate and culture, school threat assessment, physical security and facility design, emergency response planning, and more.

The ISPSA webinar program presents a comprehensive and holistic approach to school security and emergency readiness in alignment with the principles of the CIS Guardian SafeSchool Program®.

ISPSA Video 01/04 – Security Risk Management & Safe School Climate

 In this one-hour lesson, architect of the CIS Guardian SafeSchool Program® Craig Gundry explores the dynamics of mass homicide in schools, risk management strategy, and establishing a safe school climate and culture as the first layer of defense against active shooter attacks.

Risk Management & School Security ….1:32

— Mass Homicide in Schools: The Risk in Perspective….1:32

— Characteristics of Active Shooters in Schools….6:54

— Security Risk Management Strategy….10:51

— Anatomy of a School Attack….17:12

— Adversary Applicability and Risk Management….20:43

Safe School Climate and Culture….23:10

— School Leadership and Strategic Planning….28:16

— Knowing Your Students….31:51

— Fostering a Positive School Culture….35:28

— Positive Disciplinary Practices….38:11

— Reconciling Security Measures and School Climate….40:25

—– SRO & Security Officer Impact on School Climate….43:11

— Educating Parents….53:13

ISPSA Video 02/04 – Student Threat Assessment & Management

In this 1.25-hour lesson, architect of the CIS Guardian SafeSchool Program® Craig Gundry explores the pathway to targeted violence in schools, threat assessment principles, and approaches to managing student behavior of concern.

Psychology of Targeted Violence….0:03:10

— Types of Aggression….0:03:10

— Pathway Model of Targeted Violence and Schools….0:09:09

Threat Assessment Methodology….0:13:09

— Behavior of Concern and Threat Reporting….0:14:08

— Overview of Threat Assessment Process….0:16:50

— Salem-Keizer Threat Assessment Process….0:18:36

— CIS Threat Assessment Process….0:22:32

CSTAG Threat Assessment Process….0:24:54

— FERPA & Threat Assessment….0:31:54

— Parental Cooperation….0:33:54

Key Assessment Factors….41:20

— Warning Behaviors….0:42:17

— Risk Factors….0:58:45

— Stabilizing Factors….1:08:04

— Estimating Threat….1:09:14

Threat Management Options….1:12:41

ISPSA Video 03/04 – Physical Security and School Facility Design

In this two-hour lesson module, architect of the CIS Guardian SafeSchool Program® Craig Gundry explores important aspects of physical security and access control in schools, life safety design, and response to imminent threat situations.

Principles of Performance-Based Physical Security….0:01:14

— Physical Protection System (PPS) Functions and Schools….0:02:39

— Physical Protection Systems and Active Shooter Attacks….0:05:08

— PPS Performance and Historical Case Examples….0:08:07

— Physical Security and Active Shooters….0:14:00

Perimeter Protection and School Grounds….0:17:14

— Campus Fencing….0:17:20

—- Cost-Benefit and Case Examples….0:22:01

—- Campus Fencing & Egress Gates….0:25:38

— Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design….0:28:10

— Obscuration….0:30:30

— Outdoor Intrusion and Attack Detection….0:32:19

—- Gunshot Detection Systems….0:32:46

School Building Façade and Entrances….0:34:59

— Façade Glazing….0:35:21

—- Protective Glazing Options….0:42:12

— Entry Control…0:49:14

—- Secure Lobby Design….0:50:41

—- Contraband and Weapons Screening….0:54:55

— Campus Access Control Systems….1:06:52

—- Lockdown Macro Events….1:09:06

—- Examples of Access Control Applications….1:11:03

—- Access Control Locking Hardware….1:16:40

Secure Classrooms….1:24:38

— Classroom Door Locks….1:29:04

— Windows & Door Vision Panels….1:34:27

Ballistic Protection….1:34:58

Emergency Exits and Egress Obstructions….1:40:50

Armed Response Force Deployment….1:44:22

— SRO & Security Officer Selection….1:46:21

— SRO & Security Officer Training….1:50:14

— SRO & Security Officer Post Assignment….1:54:20

— Armed Teachers and Staff Members?….1:54:42

—- Considerations for Armed School Staff….2:00:48

Practical Integration of Performance-Based Physical Security….2:05:35

ISPSA Video 04/04 – Emergency Response Planning and Preparation

In this 2.25-hour lesson module, architect of the CIS Guardian SafeSchool Program® Craig Gundry explores characteristics of effective emergency response plans, infrastructure preparations, and model procedures for responding to school emergencies.

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Chem-Bio Terrorism Workshop at 2019 ASIS Europe

Chem-Bio Terrorism Workshop at 2019 ASIS Europe

Although terrorist groups in Afghanistan and Iraq have employed crude chem-bio agents in numerous attacks over the past 15 years, recent attack plots interrupted in Italy, Australia, and Germany have resurrected international concern about CB terrorism. Furthermore, challenges experienced in the aftermath of the Skripal and Jong-nam assassinations underscore the difficulty faced by public safety and security professionals in responding to chem-bio incidents. Recognizing a potential trend in emerging in these events, multiple European governments have elevated threat warnings about chem-bio terrorism.

On Thursday, 28 March 2019, CIS Vice President of Special Projects Craig Gundry presented a leadership workshop on managing risks of chemical and biological (CB) attacks as specifically applied to security professionals at the 2019 ASIS Europe conference in Rotterdam.This 90 minute workshop explored a diverse range of issues associated with chem-bio terrorism including an examination of previous attacks, diverse facility attack scenarios, risk management strategy, and practical measures for preventing and responding to chemical and biological attacks in a workplace environment.

Much of the information presented in the ASIS Rotterdam seminar was derived from Mr. Gundry’s Anti-Terrorism Officer (ATO) and CB Terrorism for Security Professionals courses. Since 2003, Mr. Gundry has trained over 3,500 security and public safety professionals in advanced measures for protecting facilities and responding to chemical and biological attacks.

CIS consultants offer a range of services to assist organizations in managing risks of terrorist attackContact us for more information.

Craig Gundry Presenting on Chem-Bio Terrorism
Craig Gundry Presenting on Chem-Bio Terrorism
Craig Gundry Presenting on Chem-Bio Terrorism
Craig Gundry Presenting on Chem-Bio Terrorism

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Presenting at John Jay College’s 2016 School Security Summit

CIS was honored to once again join the team at John Jay College of Criminal Justice during the 2016 School Security Summit. Craig Gundry, VP of Special Projects, presented a two-hour seminar on Six Common Problems in School Security Planning to an audience of over 50 New York area school administrators and security officials.

CIS Guardian SafeSchool Program® consultants have assisted scores of schools managing risks of active shooter violence and creating safer campus communities.  Contact us for more information.

Craig Gundry John Jay College School Security Summit