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Security Risk Management Consulting

By applying proven strategies with innovative thinking, CIS consultants develop effective solutions to today’s security challenges.

Managing complex security issues demands the knowledge of experts. As crime and violence continue to become common reality, modern day concerns about safety and protection in corporate and organizational environments requires careful analysis of the whole picture—from obvious vulnerabilities to worst case scenarios.

Since 1992, CIS security consultants have earned a worldwide reputation for integrating proven strategies and technologies with innovative thinking to develop effective solutions for curtailing risk and minimizing loss in even the most complex environments.

Some of the expert services provided by the CIS Office of Special Projects include:

Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
CIS consultants have assisted clients around the globe in projects ranging from assessment of specific vulnerability concerns  to developing new and comprehensive risk assessment methodologies. Click here to learn more…

Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Risk Management Consulting
The CIS Office of Special Projects is recognized worldwide for assisting organizations in managing risks of targeted violence and workplace aggression. Click here to learn more…

School Security Consulting
CIS Guardian SafeSchool Program® consultants have assisted schools nationwide in reducing risks of targeted violence while simultaneously fostering a positive learning atmosphere. Click here to learn more about the Guardian SafeSchool Program® and our consulting options for schools…

Crime Prevention and Liability Management for Residential Properties
Over the past 26 years, CIS has assisted thousands of residential communities in resolving complex problems of crime and social disorder. Click here to learn more about our expertise and services for reducing crime and liability concerns in multi-family housing…

Proactive Public Safety and Community Crime Prevention
CIS has pioneered and successfully implemented proactive crime prevention strategies in public communities where traditional approaches have historically failed. Click here to learn about our unique  solutions for public communities…

New Facility Design and Security Planning
When engaged in early phases of architectural design, CIS security experts can maximize the return on new building investment and avoid mistakes that are difficult, if not impossible to correct later. Click here to learn more about our expertise in physical security design for new buildings…

Emergency Response Planning
CIS consultants have assisted a diverse range of clients in assessing and improving their emergency readiness. Click here to learn about our services for all-hazard emergency response planning,  employee training, and more…

Security & Public Safety Training
Since 1998, CIS subject experts have trained over 12,000 professionals worldwide in advanced security and public safety topics. Click here to learn about our services for improving the knowledge and capabilities of security practitioners…

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The training you are providing to the security personnel at Critical Intervention Services (CIS), military personnel and law enforcement professionals is unmatched by civilian readiness training for the war on terror.
– U.S. Special Operations Command

School Protection

...The quality of the SPOs' work in the Guardian Program at Shorecrest has made our school the envy of any administrator that has come to observe the program...I give my highest recommendation to the Guardian SafeSchool Program.
– Shorecrest Preparatory School

Community Solutions

CIS officers not only come in and assist us, but they're committed to the community. I never encounted that before.
– Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

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