New Corporate Headquarters is official!! Public Safety Center!!

It’s Official!!! CIS is proud to announce we now hold the keys to our beautiful new building!! Officially named the Public Safety Center, it will be called home by CIS,AEGIS,CISTECH and S2 Institute. While this office might be brand new, CIS has been hard at work building it’s foundation for the past 20 years! This new building will …come equipped with shiny new walls and even bigger doors and windows of opportunity for the growth and development of CIS and all it’s sister agencies. This new office will reflect the many years of hard work and dedication given by all employees and support from friends and family thereof. We would like to recognize and give special thanks to Jim Richards for being our point-man in this entire process. His willingness in helping make our company’s dream a reality is appreciated beyond words. We are so excited to begin this next chapter….here’s to the journey ahead!!!! Look for announcements to come regarding the Public Safety Center Grand Opening Celebration to be held in February 2011.