CCBPI Honor Coin Design Contest!

The key to our success lies within the core of our company’s foundation. That being our primary principal of our Officers unyielding commitment and ability to build positive, meaningful relationships with the communities in which we serve. Our Community and Character Based Protection Initiative (CCBPI) has been recognized throughout the industry and around the world for its power in addressing and eliminating problems in crime-ridden communities. The CIS Protection Officer often leads the charge in getting residents involved in their own community through a variety of initiatives such as participating in or organizing community events, being a positive role model for children to break the cycle of crime and bolster confidence in the community, and encouraging residents to interact positively with one another, CIS, local law enforcement, and other community resources. In essence, giving the community “back” to the residents; with proactive strategies that impart the belief that people take better care of something that belongs to them. Therefore, every individual within our communities are responsible and held accountable for maintaining a better standard of living that our officers help to create. We present Honor Coins as recognition for outstanding service and professionalism consistent with the highest ideals of CIS, our values, and our methodology. Now we want to complete our coin series with the “Community and Character Based Protection Initiative Honor Coin” and are offering an opportunity for you to be a part of the design process. CCBPI is more than just an acronym, its implementation is what distinguishes CIS from other agencies. As much as the people within our organization and affiliated are a key facet to CCBPI, it was an obvious conclusion they should play a part in creating the design that will reflect it’s concept of the coin. There will be two CCBPI Awards, the first being Silver .999 Minted CCBPI coin that will be issued to employees and anyone else affiliated with CIS who has demonstrated consistent excellence and commitment to CCBPI work through a single act, or numerous acts. The second coin will be a Silver plated CCBPI coin and will be issued to employees and anyone else affiliated with CIS who has performed CCBPI in a manner that exemplifies what the methodology stands for and has met, or accomplished the mission. Your task is simple; think of an image that would best represent CCPBI; whatever you believe would exemplify the CCBPI mindset, and would properly acknowledge someone conducting outstanding CCPBI. You will have two sides of the coin to work with. What you are to design is the concept of the coin (What would represent CCBPI being performed? Would it accurately convey the intentions of the award?). If your design idea is chosen, the mint artist will adapt your concept to design the final coin. The person who wins this contest will go down in CIS history as the creator. First Place will receive $300.00, and will be issued the first Silver .999 Minted CCBPI Coin. Second Place will be issued the first printed Silver plated CCBPI Coin. This contest is open to all employees, clients, friends and fans. Please send in all designs by June 25th, 2010 at the latest. See below for information when sending in your designs. Attention: Ashley Casey Email: Office: 727-461-9417