Murder of Critical Intervention Services Officer Michael Valentin

LARGO, Florida (November 22 2012) – At approximately 20:00 hours on November 21, 2012, Critical Intervention Services (CIS) Officer Michael Valentin was murdered while on duty at the Grande Oaks Apartments in Tampa, FL. Tampa Police Department is currently investigating with the full cooperation of CIS. Officer Michael Valentin was born on January 25, 1974. Prior to joining CIS, Officer Valentin worked as a Peace officer with the New York City Homeless Services Police (NYC DHS PD) from June 2001 until August 2010. Upon leaving the Police Department he held the rank of Sergeant. After moving to Florida from Brooklyn, Officer Valentin served as an unarmed security officer from September 2010 until he joined CIS in October 2012. Officer Valentin completed The Basic Course for Peace Officer, in June 2001 at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. During his time with the NYC DHS PD he completed several courses at The State of New York Division of Criminal Justice Services which included: The Basic Course for Peace Officer without Firearms, Deciphering Gang Communications and Gangs and Popular Media Training, and Initial Other Weapons and Deadly Physical Force Course -Aerosol Subject Restraint. Michael attended and completed Florida-mandated security license training through the S2 Safety and Intelligence Institute. Officer Valentin was subsequently licensed by the State of Florida as an Armed Security Officer. He successfully completed his CIS Field Training in October 2012. Officer Valentin was specifically chosen for his CIS assignment owing to his community- oriented mindset and experience while working with the homeless in New York. His peers and supervisors described him as being friendly, community-focused, and dedicated father and husband. The entire Critical Intervention Services family mourns the loss of Officer Valentin. Officer Valentin is survived by his wife and two sons, ages 4 and 9. Click here for up-to-date information by visiting our facebook page. Contact: Allison Cox Assistant to the CEO Critical Intervention Services Tel. (727) 461-9417 Email: