CIS Certifies First Cycle of School Protection Officers (SPOs)

On 24 September, the first group of CIS School Protection Officers (SPOs) graduated from a 34-hour training program in preparation for deployment at a St. Petersburg private school. The training was conducted by the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute (sister company of CIS) as part of the new CIS School Protection Initiative. As candidate pre-requisites, all School Protection Officer candidates must have at least one-year of service as a CIS officer, exceptional interpersonal communication skills and rapport (CCBPI), supervisor endorsement, good physical condition, CPR/AED certification, 90% or better handgun qualification score, and commitment to at least one-year service by contract. The SPO training program is designed as three days of classroom instruction on the following principal subjects:
  • Principles of School Security
  • Threat Dynamics: Detailed Analysis of Violence and Schools
  • Laws & Liabilities
  • Juvenile Psychology & Social Dynamics
  • CCBPI and Schools
  • Threat Assessment
  • Physical Security & Schools
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • School Protection Officer SOP Amendments & Policies
In addition to the 24-hour classroom component, all CIS SPOs complete 10-hours of Active Shooter Tactical Response training. For the first training cycle, this training was conducted by S2’s Tactical Instructor Jay Pace on-site at a St. Petersburg area private school. As a next step in the training program, S2 is currently modifying the SPO course for presentation to other organizations and as an open-enrollment course. Another variation of the program is also in production for school administrators. INQUIRIES For more information about the CIS School Protection Officer Course, contact: Craig Gundry, VP of Special Projects. Email: For inquiries about contracting a private School Protection Officer program, contact: Adam Clarke, Executive Director (S2 Institute). Email: