FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Critical Intervention Services (CIS) Announces Partnership with Shorecrest Preparatory School in St. Pete


Implementing a novel and comprehensive national model to stop school shootings and provide safety, security and protection to America’s students and faculties

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. / Sept. 30/ — In 2011, CIS, a leader in the protective services industry, committed its resources to developing a new approach to managing school vulnerabilities and designing a model based on practical, effective strategies for preventing school violence now and in the future. The result of years of research, analysis and program development, CIS’s comprehensive strategy is based on the intense study of actual, identified vulnerabilities and patterns of violence from school shooting events spanning nine decades and occurring both domestically and globally. Factual analysis of these school shootings, both historical and present-day, have greatly impacted CIS’s model and helped shape its primary focus of effectively protecting schools from active shooters and other types of violence.

To transition the program from model into motion, CIS began collaborating with Shorecrest Preparatory School in January 2013 to implement its new public safety approach in pursuit of strengthening the safety, security and protection of students and all members of the campus community. The CIS model employs an integrated system combining armed CIS-certified School Protection Officers (SPOs) specially trained in proactive community-based protection and other CIS-designed protective procedures and protocols. Examples of these improved security measures include threat recognition and management methodology, enhanced procedures and communications for emergency management, and practical performance-based physical security design.

“Making school environments such as Shorecrest safer and more secure to better protect students, faculty, staff and all who volunteer or visit a school campus is CIS’s paramount interest. Consequently, CIS’s program is intended to create a national model that others can adopt and apply to meet their security needs,” said KC Poulin, CEO of CIS. Toward that end, Poulin said The John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, a highly reputable institution instrumental in the Sandy Hook Newtown security review, is joining CIS in its endeavor to provide solid peer review and take lessons learned to other school systems and educational institutions to benefit from shared knowledge and implementation of the CIS model.

Critical Intervention Services has pioneered many innovative methodologies and services within the realm of private-sector-led public safety and enjoys a long history of developing unique and effective solutions to complex security problems. Although universities, private and public schools, and many public venues have relied on the presence of armed officers for decades, CIS has developed a methodology that employs highly trained armed officers working with tools and skill sets not typically used in conjunction with school or campus environment security. CIS’s threat assessment methodology and approach far exceeds the norm of present-day school security measures. From the hiring process to personnel matching to training, education and placement in the field, CIS’s methodology focuses on prevention of school violence and exacts great care and effort from every SPO officer.

Combating school violence is no longer something to ponder or debate. It is simply a reality that must be expertly managed both proactively and during a crisis. CIS’s new public safety model for school environments is specifically tailored to counter and control the complex issues inherent in protecting one of our nation’s most precious assets, our schools.


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