CIS in the News

The success of our innovative and often unconventional approaches to security problems has been the subject of frequent media attention. The following links provide access to some of the hundreds of news stories about CIS and interviews with CIS subject experts

News Stories About CIS

News Articles

Danger lurks as private security officers patrol Tampa Bay areas
Tampa Bay Times, December 16, 2012

"Bring in the Professionals"
Frost & Sullivan, April 2004

"Tampa Electric Upgrades Security at Power Plants"
The Tampa Tribune, January 2004

"Terror-proofing TECO"
St. Petersburg Times, January 2004

"Landlords Turn to 'Commando' Patrols"
The Wall Street Journal, September 18, 1996

"Complex Aims to Evict Dealers"
Tampa Tribune, 1997

"Your own private army: Cashing in on fighting crime"
Taipan Magazine, February 1997

"Violence Divides America"
Vi Menn (Norwegian news magazine), 1998

"Another Meaning to Homeland Security"
Nadra Enzi, Security Writer and Columnist, 2003

Radio News Interviews

"Liquids Banned on Airlines" 750 WSB (Atlanta, GA), August 2006

"London Liquid Explosive Terror Plot" Glenn Beck Radio Show, August 2006

"Liquid Explosives & Aviation Security" Glenn Beck Radio Show, August 2006

"July 7th London Attacks" Glen Beck Radio Show, July 2005

"2005 London Attacks" Two interviews featurning K.C. Poulin, July 2005

"The Iranian and Syrian Alliance" KLIF Radio (Dallas, TX), 2005

"Terrorism and the War in Iraq" WSPK Radio (New York, NY), March 2003

"Radiological Terrorism" WSBD Radio (Cleveland, OH), June 2002

"Terrorism and 9/11" WSBD Radio (Cleveland, OH), 2002

"Stolen Uniforms" WFLA Radio (Tampa, FL)

"Day of 9/11" WFLA Radio (Tampa, FL) September 11, 2001

Television News Stories

"Solutions" ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, 1997

"Interview w/K.C. Poulin" The O'Reilly Factor, FNC, 1997

"CIS and Security" Fox News Report, 1997

"Men in Black" Channel-44 News (Tampa, FL), 1998

"Need for Security" WTSP / Channel-10 News (Tampa, FL), 2001

"Cimmarron" WTVT / Channel-13 News (Tampa, FL), 2002

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Television News Interviews

"Airline Security & The August 2006 Plot", CNN Headline News/Glenn Beck Show, August 2006

"Anthrax" Your Turn with Kathy Fountain, WTVT / Channel-13 (Tampa, FL), October 2001

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