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Church Security Consultant Services

Our church security consultants assist in managing risks of targeted violence while fostering environments conducive to worship and community celebration.

Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God, which he obtained with his own blood. I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; and from among your own selves will arise men speaking twisted things, to draw away the disciples after them.

Acts 20:28-30

As tragically demonstrated in recent decades, no community is immune to the risk of active shooter violence including church congregations joining in worship.

Yet as emotionally devastating as these events are, there are measures that can be implemented to effectively protect our congregations while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere that promotes fellowship and spiritual celebration. Accomplishing this objective requires a holistic and artful approach to church security that reduces risk by interrupting active shooter attacks at various stages of evolution and emergency readiness measures that consider the unique characteristics of church facilities and activities.

Since 1993, our church security consultants have assisted a diverse range of houses of worship, religious schools, and faith-based community organizations in managing risks of active shooter violence.

Following is an overview of our services and the experience and expertise of our church security consultants.

Church Security Consultant Services

Church Security Assessment & Planning

As experts specializing in security design and emergency preparation for active shooter events, our church security consultants assist houses of worship in assessing the vulnerability and readiness of churches, religious schools, and retreat centers against risks of armed violence.

Click the button below to view a list of the many issues examined by our church security consultants as points of focus during our active shooter readiness assessments.

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The scope and complexity of our church security assessments varies according to the nature of the church’s unique facilities and operations, following is a list of some of the topics addressed by our consultants during assessments.

    • Church Operations & Activities
      • Worship Services
      • Church School & Childcare Operations
      • Weekday Office Activities
      • Special Events
      • Outreach & Community Services
    • Facility Layer of Protection (LOP) Design
    • Church Grounds and Outdoor Areas
      • Outdoor egress
      • Outdoor detection systems & CCTV
      • CPTED measures (e.g., territoriality, natural surveillance, etc.)
      • Obscuration of playgrounds & outdoor assembly locations
      • Lighting & CCTV
    • Church Building Design & Physical Protection Systems
      • Façade and entrance design (e.g., glazing, doors, locks, etc.)
      • Public entry control & building lockdown capability
      • Entry control measures during weekdays (e.g., visitor control, screening, access control, etc.)
      • Safe refuge room design and availability (e.g., church offices, classrooms, private activity rooms, etc.)
      • Sanctuary design and lockdown capability
      • Security design and procedures for special locations (e.g., childcare and youth activity areas, etc.)
      • Egress design and obstructions
    • Security and Emergency Infrastructure
      • Public address capabilities
      • Mass Notification Systems
      • Panic alarms and special alert systems
      • Master key system design
      • CCTV system design and monitoring
      • Electronic access control system design and administration
      • Emergency medical preparations
    • Church Security Teams
      • Team Organization
      • Posting, Duties, & Responsibilities
      • Policies & Liability Management Measures
      • Training
      • Security Control Room Operations
    • Church Policies, Procedures, & Plans
      • Access control and visitor management during weekdays
      • Key control
      • Security plans for special activities (e.g., childcare, worship services, etc.)
      • Suspicious activity procedures
          • Church staff knowledge and training
      • Threat Assessment & Management Plans
    • Emergency Response Preparations
      • Emergency Response Team Organization
      • Emergency Response Plans (e.g., comprehensiveness, procedural measures, safety issues, etc.)

Based on the findings of the assessment, our consultants assist church leaders in developing a security improvement strategy prioritized according to cost-benefit factors, budget, culture and public image, and other considerations.

Church Security Consultant Services

Church Security Training

Over the past 20 years, our church security consultants have trained thousands of church leaders, volunteers and staff members, and security professionals in active shooter related security and emergency readiness topics. The depth and scope of our training programs range from short presentations for church leaders and employees to multi-day courses for personnel assigned to church security teams.

Houses of Worship and School Security Planning, Tampa 2017
School Seminar for Independent Schools

New Church Facility Design & Security Planning

When engaged in the early stages of new building and architectural design, our church security consultants help maximize return on building investment and avoid costly mistakes.

One of the most common mistakes made in the design and construction of new church facilities is failing to fully account for security and emergency response. Establishing security criteria and specifications in the earliest phases of architectural design maximizes return on construction investment and provides best opportunity to avoid mistakes that are often expensive and difficult, if not impossible to correct later.

When engaged as security consultants in the early phases of new church design, CIS assists architects and facility planners in designing effective physical security while simultaneously creating an aesthetic environment that promotes feelings of openness and reverence for the sacred.

Joy in Our Town Interview

In the following video, Joy in Our Town host Dr. George Cope interviews church security consultant Craig Gundry about today’s risks of terrorism and mass homicide and practical measures for protection against active shooter violence.

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