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Protective Surveillance

Our investigators assist clients in the Tampa, Orlando, and South Florida areas in monitoring potentially-dangerous persons and providing early warning of impending violence.

Our protective surveillance investigators assist Tampa, Orlando, and South Florida businesses in managing risks of workplace violence by monitoring dangerous individuals.

Following hostile terminations, there is often a dangerous and uncertain period as the fired employee processes the situation outside the scope of the company’s observation and influence. And without effective provisions for monitoring the behavior and mental state of the discharged employee, there is often little the employer can do at this stage to anticipate or prevent potential violence.

Many organizations respond to this situation by temporarily hiring off-duty police or armed security officers. Although heightened security presence may be useful in the short run, eventually a decision will be required to indefinitely maintain the new security posture or return to normal. When this question arises, organizations without updated threat information face a difficult decision.

Protective Surveillance: A cost-effective alternative to temporary security services

As an alternative to raising the level of security, it is often more cost-effective to conduct a protective surveillance of the person of concern.

In protective surveillance operations, CIS investigators discreetly monitor the activities of potentially-dangerous individuals with a focus on behaviors indicating an improving or deteriorating threat situation, such as:

    • Evidence of social withdrawal, depression, or nihilism (e.g., depressive demeanor, alcohol or drug abuse, lack of personal hygiene, absence of social interaction, relationship problems, etc.).
    • Behaviors indicating planning or preparation for committing violence such as visiting gun stores or shooting ranges, casing employees or the workplace, etc.
    • Behaviors suggesting that the person of concern is coping with the situation and making an effort to regain employment.

In addition to collecting threat assessment information, protective surveillance operators provide a valuable security function. If at any point the subject is observed preparing for violence (e.g., loading weapons into a vehicle, wearing tactical gear, etc.) or driving in approach to the facility, CIS investigators provide early warning to police and facility management, and if necessary, intervene as armed responders.

Our Experience and Expertise

    • CIS investigators have assisted a wide range of Florida businesses, non-profit organizations, and private families in monitoring the behavior and status of potentially-dangerous persons.
    • As instructors for the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute, CIS staff members have trained hundreds of students in executive protection and private investigations-related topics.
    • As consultants specialized in managing risks of targeted violence, CIS assisted in the 2019-2020 revision of ANSI Standard “Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention” (ASIS/SHRM WVP.1-2011).
    • CIS threat management professionals are licensed as armed private investigators (class C/CC and class G) under Florida Statutes Chapter 493.

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Protective Surveillance Related Services for Tampa, Orlando, and South Florida Businesses

CIS provides expert assistance to employers in assessing potential threat situations and navigating complex and sensitive decisions essential to managing risks of violence.

Our subject experts have instructed thousands of client employees in workplace threat awareness and response to active shooter violence through private training sessions.

For organizations seeking a comprehensive approach to workplace violence prevention and readiness, the Guardian SafeWorkplace Program™ employs a multi-layered strategy for controlling risks of violence in alignment with best practices and standards defined by SHRM, ANSI, and ASIS International.

CIS security consultants are recognized worldwide for their expertise in assessing and improving physical security and facility preparedness for acts of armed violence.

Over the past three decades, CIS executive protection specialists have ensured the safety of hundreds of protectees including corporate executives, attorneys, wealthy families, celebrities, media personalities, politicians, presidential candidates, and civil rights leaders.

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Our protective surveillance investigators service clients in the Tampa, Orlando, and South Florida regions.

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