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Community Policing Consultant and Training Services

Our public safety consultants assist police departments in adopting effective strategies for community policing and mending social division in communities.

As witnessed in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, an act of brutality by a single police officer can ignite civil unrest on a national scale. Yet, the public’s response to such incidents is rarely a direct reaction to a single event. But rather result from a state of distrust and social divide as developed over decades.

Mending this rift requires more than political assurances, prosecution of offending police officers, and liaison activities of community resource officers. Rather, it requires a strategic policing approach designed to actively bridge the barriers of social divide through developing positive relationships within the community at all levels of the department.

Community Policing Consultant and Training Services

Since 1994, the CIS consultant team has earned a worldwide reputation for the success of our proactive and holistic approaches to community policing and integration. Over the past 27 years, our consultants have implemented our community policing methods in over 1,000 Florida communities representing all demographics resulting in substantial improvements in community perceptions, social capital, and reductions in crime.

Some of the services provided by our team of community police consultants include:

Development of Policies and Procedures Related to Community Oriented Policing

CIS consultants assist police departments in yielding the full benefit of community policing methods by establishing a community-oriented leadership doctrine and corresponding system of department policies, Standard Operating Procedures, deployment plans, and special reporting systems for monitoring the social interaction of officers and measuring community perceptions.

Development of Officer Selection and Training Standards

The success of any community oriented policing program ultimately hinges on the attitudes and behavior all officers interacting with the public. All it takes is a handful of “bad apples” within the department ranks to sabotage all other efforts to cultivate positive relationships and rapport with the community.

CIS consultants assist police departments in avoiding tragic hiring mistakes and laying the foundation for a community-oriented culture by developing systems for recruiting and selecting officers with the interpersonal relations skills and mindset necessary for proactive policing.

Training in Community Policing Methods and Proactive Interaction

Effective community-oriented policing programs approach community interaction and relationship building as an integral element of all operations—not just the liaison activities of designated CROs.

Although most police academy and in-service training programs include course modules on diversity issues and cultural sensitivities, few programs are designed to develop the level of social interaction skills necessary for cultivating strong bonds of trust and cooperation with the community. CIS consultants provide a range of options to address this deficiency including universal training programs designed for frontline officers and special programs aimed at field training officers, supervisors, and community resource officers.

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