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Security and Public Safety Training

CIS security consultants have instructed thousands of professionals through custom and private training events.

Security and Public Safety Training

When it comes to matters of security, organizations shouldn’t have to sacrifice exceptional public safety training to budgets or geography. For this reason, CIS experts travel, going in-house to meet our client’s needs…Your team, your location, our experts. 

Bringing CIS instructors in-house is a cost effective, efficient way for organizations to provide expert public safety training for their entire staff while avoiding the costs often associated with travel–time, money and burdening already busy schedules.

Additionally, by extending invitations to partner organizations with shared or similar training needs, hosting a private course can provide an excellent opportunity to network and solidify relationships with other local contacts. Many clients have discovered that invitational training events can be an effective tool for building trust and confidence between their organization and others. 

Our Security & Public Safety Training Experience

Since 1998, CIS subject experts have trained thousands of professionals worldwide in diverse security and public safety topics through custom courses and private training events. Common examples include:

    • Emergency response and threat awareness classes for company and school employees
    • Workshops on security risk and vulnerability assessment methodology
    • Workshops on school security and emergency planning for educators
    • Guardian SafeSchool Protection Officer courses
    • Seminars on preparation for active shooter events (w/ special variations for businesses, houses of worship, etc.)
    • Mail security and screening methods
    • Anti-terrorism and facility security planning courses (w/special variations for diplomatic facilities, hotels, critical infrastructure facilities, etc.)
    • Certification exam preparation courses

Our repertoire of options include over 40 ‘standard’ courses spanning a full spectrum of our expertise. However, if an existing course does not comply directly with client needs, CIS instructors can create a custom training program to meet the specific objectives of the client organization. Custom program design may include new curriculum development, integration of practical exercises and skill evaluations, examinations to document student learning, or complete enterprise-level assessment and program design using the principles of the Kirkpatrick® 4-Levels training model.

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