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Executive Protection Services

Our executive protection specialists have ensured the safety of hundreds of at-risk individuals in the State of Florida since 1992.

Over the past 28 years, CIS has earned a reputation as the gold standard for executive protection services in the Tampa, Orlando, and South Florida regions.

In today’s complex society, threats to personal safety can emerge in unforeseen and unpredictable ways.  And when life, livelihood, and/or reputation are at risk, there is no room for error. The level of stakes demands the assistance of experienced professionals.

Since 1992, our executive protection specialists have ensured the safety of hundreds of at-risk individuals in the State of Florida including corporate executives, attorneys, wealthy families, sports celebrities, movie stars, media personalities, and political figures.

In addition to protecting those at-risk by virtue of status, we also aid individuals in managing potentially-dangerous situations including:

    • Stalking and domestic violence cases
    • Threats posed by menacing employees in the aftermath of termination
    • Labor disputes and workforce layoffs

Executive protection services customized to the unique needs of the situation

Just as no two humans share identical DNA, no two people are identical in risk profile and personal characteristics.  In this respect, executive protection services are both an art and science about security.

Honoring this truth, we customize our approach to account for unique characteristics of ourclient’s professional activities, lifestyle, family, and similar factors.

To ensure our protective methods are best adapted to the situation, every project initiates with an assessment of the client’s personal lifestyle and risk situation. This results in a custom protective approach which effectively reduces risk of harm, while simultaneously advancing the needs of the client’s professional and personal situation.

The quality of our executive protection services begins with our personnel

Our executive protection specialists are hand-selected for their unique combination of protective skills, knowledge, and personal virtues such as diligence, servanthood, discretion, and emotional intelligence.

Our protection specialists include former U.S. Secret Services agents, veteran Florida police officers, and graduates of the world’s top executive protection academies.

Beyond Bodyguards—Expert assistance in navigating complex threat situations.

Physical protection is only one tool in our repertoire of methods. In many cases, managing risk is best accomplished using a multi-dimensional strategy which includes the participation of experts in specialized fields of security.

Some examples include:

Our Experience and Expertise

    • In addition to executives and private families in the Tampa and Orlando areas, our protectees include a diverse range of public personalities such as Florida Governor Rick Scott, Senator Bob Dole, Rosa Parks, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Paula Zahn, Sally Jesse Raphael, Emeril Lagasse, and numerous other actors and entertainers.
    • As instructors for Florida’s S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute and Executive Security International, CIS staff members have trained hundreds of security professionals in executive protection topics .
    • CIS leaders were founding members of the ESI Alumni Association, one of the world’s largest associations of executive protection professionals.
    • As consultants specialized in managing risks of targeted violence, CIS assisted in the 2019-2020 revision of ASIS International’s WVPI-2020/AA, Workplace Violence and Active Assailant – Prevention, Intervention, and Response Standard.
    • CIS executive protection services agents are licensed as armed private investigators (Florida class C/CC and class G) under Florida Statutes Chapter 493.

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Our  Clients and Protectees

Following are some of the many public figures and celebrities who have entrusted their safety to CIS executive protection specialists.

The Words of Our Clients and Peers

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The staff of CIS is dedicated to providing each client with the finest quality of protective services available.

Our commitment and dedication to professional, ethical, and protocol conscious service is our trademark.

Preserving, projecting, and protecting our clients’ image and interests is our business.

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