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Crime Prevention Assessment for Residential & Multi-Family Housing

Our security consultants assist residential communities and multi-family properties around the nation with crime prevention assessments.

Crime Prevention Assessment:  The first step in managing risks of crime and premises liability in multifamily housing

Over the past 30 years, CIS security consultants have assisted over 1,000 multi-family properties in reducing crime and premises liability. The first step in this process is conducting a crime prevention assessment to investigate the various conditions contributing to potential risk.

During assessments, our security consultants identify the presence of accelerating social and physical disorders, evaluate the effectiveness of crime prevention and risk management measures, and explore optional solutions for remedy.

Upon completion of the assessment, our consultants present a report of findings and proposed strategy for resolving matters of concern, prepared and delivered with careful attention to potential liability.

Crime Prevention Assessments for new property acquisitions

In addition to crime prevention assessments for existing portfolio properties, our security consultants frequently assist property management companies in assessing crime and security conditions for real estate during the acquisition process. 

When engaged as consultants prior to purchase, our experts can provide valuable insight into social and physical disorders often overlooked by acquisition teams and reduce post-purchase improvement costs by identifying corrective actions for use during negotiation.

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Crime Prevention Assessment:  Our Methodology

Prior to conducting the on-site assessment, our security consultants analyze crime statistics, incident reports, and criminal intelligence products to identify unique conditions warranting special consideration during the on-site assessment.

During the on-site visit, our security consultants meet with the property manager to identify important elements of the community’s characteristics, resident behavior, rental conditions, management practices, and previous incidents. The manager interview is followed by a physical survey of the property to identify specific conditions contributing to crime or social disorder, followed subsequently by a nighttime assessment to evaluate lighting, CCTV conditions, and discreetly observe after hours activity and community behavior.

Topics of assessment include:

    • History of crime on-property & within the local community
    • Community characteristics & resident behavior
    • Unique problem situations (e.g., gangs, vagrant activity, trespass, illegal dumping, etc.)
    • Management practices
    • Social disorders & environmental conditions contributing to offender confidence
    • Crime Prevention Though Environmental Design (CPTED) & security measures
    • Territoriality & property access
    • Landscaping & grounds design
    • Offender concealment & escape opportunities
    • Lighting
    • CCTV
    • Gates & vehicle monitoring systems
    • Access control systems
    • Physical security of residential units
    • Safety concerns
    • Effectiveness of on-site security officers

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