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Crime Prevention Consulting for Multi-Family Residential Properties

Our security consultants assist residential property management companies & multi-family housing authorities in resolving complex problems of crime and social disorder.

Over the past 28 years, our security consultants have earned a special reputation for success in reducing crime and premises liability in residential communities and multi-family housing.

Since 1992, CIS security consultants have assisted hundreds of residential communities, property management companies, and HOA Master Associations in reducing crime and premises liability and maximizing the value of property investment.

In many cases, our mission is accomplishing through expert application of crime prevention and liability management methods. Our consultants regularly assist clients with matters such as Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), residential property assessments and new acquisitions, crime-free housing certification, expert testimony in premises liability cases, and other services within the scope of well-established doctrine.

And although our consultants are well recognized for their expertise, knowledge is only one facet of our reputation.

Our security consultants have earned unique recognition for achieving success in environments where traditional approaches to residential crime prevention and public safety have failed. When addressing complex and difficult security challenges, knowledge alone is often insufficient. Effective solutions often require an artful combination of expertise, holistic vision, and innovative mindset.

Following is a list of our security consultant services related to crime prevention and liability management in residential communities.

Security Consultant Services for crime prevention in residential/multi-family housing

Crime Prevention & Property Risk Assessments

Over the past 30 years, our security consultants have assisted over 1,000 multi-family properties in reducing crime and premises liability. The first step in this process is conducting an assessment to investigate the various conditions contributing to potential risk and design solutions for remedy.

Expert Assistance during Property Acquisitions

When engaged as security consultants prior to the purchase of new residential and multi-family properties, our experts can provide valuable insight into social and physical disorders often overlooked by acquisition teams and reduce improvement costs by identifying corrective actions prior to purchase.

New Property Design and Crime Prevention Consulting

When engaged as security consultants in the early phases of new site planning, our experts assist developers and architects in proactively reducing crime while simultaneously creating an environment that promotes community activity and positive branding.

Property Manager Training

To assist property management companies in establishing a baseline level of knowledge among managers, our experts present webinars focusing on important crime prevention and premises liability issues.

Proactive Risk Management Programs

Our security consultants assist property management companies in developing effective and sustainable programs for proactively reducing crime and safety conditions contributing to premises liability. And with the added benefits of increasing property values and profitability due to improved branding and reduced resident turnover rates.

Reclaiming & Rehabiliting High Crime Communities

In the early 1990’s, our security consultants pioneered a unique methodology for reclaiming and rehabilitating high crime communities. The success of our strategy in reducing crime and increasing quality of life in multi-family communities has been extensively documented by police, news media, and academic institutions and is the central theme of two criminal justice textbooks.

Expert Witness Services

Our security consultants assist attorneys around the nation with case analysis and expert testimony in support of premises liability and security negligence cases involving residential communities and multi-family housing.

Residential Multi-Family Housing Crime Prevention & Security Consultant Team


K.C. Poulin, cATO, CPS

President & CEO

KC is a security consultant focusing on community-based public safety, crime prevention, security officer operations, and managing risks of predatory aggression (e.g., workplace violence, stalking, etc.). KC is the lead architect of our community-based security and public safety programs and is co-author of two criminal justice textbooks. KC is a veteran expert witness and has provided decisive testimony in multiple premises liability cases.


Shannon Bryson, FCP

Crime Prevention Consultant

Shannon is an expert on premises liability, crime prevention in residential multi-family housing, community policing, and special event security. As one of the architects of the CIS Private-Sector Led Public Safety Program, he directed the PSLPS program in Orlando for several years. Shannon joins CIS with over 25 years of experience as a DEA agent and tactical instructor.


Mario de Graaf, FCP

Crime Prevention Consultant

Mario is a CIS security consultant specializing in crime prevention and premises liability management in multi-family housing and residential communities. Since joining the CIS team, Mario has assisted over 100 residential multi-family communities in reducing crime and liability conditions. Prior to joining CIS, Mario was a security specialist for the Government of the Netherlands and responsible for the protection of Dutch diplomatic facilities around the world.

Residential Multi-Family Housing: Our experience & expertise as security consultants

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