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School Security Consultant Services

CIS school security consultants assist clients in managing risks of targeted violence while fostering environments conducive to good education.

Our school security consultants assist clients throughout the nation in developing effective security and emergency readiness programs while fostering environments conducive to good education.

Following is an overview of the services provided by our school security consultant team.

School Security Assessment and Improvement

CIS consultants specialize in assessing and improving security and readiness for active shooter violence. Our school security assessment projects typically entail an audit of the campus and facilities, school operations, climate and culture, threat assessment plans, physical security design, egress measures, security and emergency response procedures, and program implementation. Based on the findings of the assessment, our consultants assist school leaders in developing a custom improvement strategy prioritized according to cost-benefit factors, budget, branding, and other considerations.

School Emergency Response Planning & Preparation

Our school security consultants have assisted a diverse range of clients in improving emergency response plans and preparations. Our emergency planning projects typically commence with an assessment of the school and its existing preparations, followed by the development of a custom all-hazard Emergency Response Plan and quick reference media. After the new emergency response plan is ready for implementation, our consultants conduct live training sessions for faculty and emergency response team members to ensure all employees are knowledgeable in their actions.

School Threat Assessment Program Development & Training

Most acts of targeted violence in schools are preceded by a process of ideation, planning, and preparation. Correspondingly, students proceeding on the pathway to violence often exhibit behaviors that can serve as a warning. Considering the frequency of school shootings by students, implementing a system for recognizing, reporting, and assessing threatening behavior is a crucial first line of defense against active shooter violence.

Our consultants assist schools in adopting this important strategy for violence prevention by developing Student Threat Assessment System plans, awareness programs, and training school threat assessment teams.

On-Call Assistance during Student Threat Assessments

In addition to security assessment and planning, our school security experts frequently assist administrators in assessing potential threat situations and navigating sensitive decisions essential to managing risk.

School Security Training by Professional Consultants

CIS school security consultants have trained thousands of administrators,  faculty members, and public safety professionals in school safety and emergency readiness topics through public seminars, special workshops, and certification courses. The depth and scope of our training programs include short presentations for school employees, full-day seminars for school leaders, and multi-day certification courses for school protection and resource officers.  

See the Training Experience tab at the bottom of this page to view video examples of webinars presented by our school security consultant team.

New School Design and Security Planning

When engaged as consultants in the early phases of new school design, our consultants assist architects and school planners in designing effective physical security while simultaneously creating an aesthetic environment that promotes positive school climate and public image.

The CIS Guardian SafeSchool Program®

In response to the public need for an effective strategy for reducing the risk of school violence, Critical Intervention Services launched the Guardian SafeSchool Program® in 2013 as a comprehensive and integrated school safety program model for protecting students against targeted aggression. The uniquely integrated and comprehensive nature of the program has drawn national-level recognition from the criminal justice and school safety community.

Since its inception, the Guardian SafeSchool Program® has been adopted in its full format at a diverse range of schools. CIS consultants have also aided schools and universities around the nation in improving their security and emergency readiness in alignment with the Guardian SafeSchool Program® standards

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Training Videos by Our School Security Consultants

Our subject experts have trained thousands of security professionals, district and school-level administrators, and faculty members in measures for protecting schools against active shooter violence. Following are several videos of webinars presented by our school security consultants.

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