Critical Intervention Services, Inc.
is a protective services agency based in the Tampa Bay Area.

CIS provides a range of specialized security and investigation services to businesses, governments, and individuals in Florida and throughout the world. Founded in 1992, CIS is an industry leader in developing and instituting innovative and effective solutions for security and intelligence-related challenges, especially those in complex risk environments.

As a protective services firm, CIS has over 300 licensed security officers in its ranks. Most officers are members of the Special Services Group and Anti-Terrorism Officer Division. CIS also maintains the largest and most advanced patrol fleet in Florida.

Professional Affiliations​


American College of Forensic Examiners International (ACFEI)
Several members of the CIS consulting staff are accredited as Certified in Homeland Security-Level III through the American College of Forensic Examiners International and hold position on ACFEI P&R teams.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
CIS security consultants have actively supported new initiatives by AIChE and the American Chemistry Council (ACC) to improve security at domestic chemical plants . CIS consultants also serve as security instructors for AIChE’s Educational Services Department.

American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)
CIS professionals are active members of ASIS and strongly support local and international programs to improve the quality of service in the security industry. CIS staff members have also served as review course instructors for ASIS’s Certified Protection Professional (CPP) program.

Executive Security International Alumni Association
Several members of the CIS executive staff are former graduates of Executive Security International and founding members of the ESI Alumni Association. The ESI Alumni Association has been a pioneer in developing professional standards of ethics for the executive protection industry and serves as a focal point for networking among EP professionals. CIS Vice President of Special Projects Craig Gundry is currently a member of the association’s Board of Directors.

Florida Association of Security Companies (FASCO)
President and CEO of CIS, K.C. Poulin, serves as Vice President to the Florida Association of Security Companies. FASCO members and State regulators work in promoting professionalism and improving the image of Florida’s Security Industry. FASCO supports Law Enforcement and other Emergency Services while protecting Florida’s citizens, public and private property, and serves as an integral part of our State’s Homeland Security and Hurricane Recovery Program.

International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO)
CIS has been a long-time supporter of IFPO and IFPO educational programs. All CIS supervisory personnel are required to complete the IFPO Certified Protection Officer program and CIS compensates officers for completing advanced IFPO courses, such as the Certified Security Supervisor (CSS) program. CIS president K.C. Poulin is an IFPO Certified Protection Officer Instructor (CPOI).

Private Safety & Security Partnership (PSSP)
Composed of Tampa Bay area security directors and local law enforcement officials, the PSSP serves as a forum for exchanging information and ideas on public safety issues between private security and police. CIS president K.C. Poulin was a founding member of the PSSP.

CIS professionals are also affiliated with the following organizations:

Private Schools

Executive Security International (ESI)
Regarded by most “insiders” as the best executive protection school in the private sector. At their academy in Aspen, Colorado, ESI provides advanced training in executive protection, protective intelligence, and estate security. Several CIS staff members are graduates of ESI and serve as adjunct instructors and members of the ESI Advisory Board.

S2 Security & Safety Institute
S2 is Tampa Bay’s leading provider of Florida license “D” and “G” security officer training and advanced training in security issues. Several CIS staff members are instructors for S2’s advanced courses on anti-terrorism, firearms, defensive tactics, and executive protection.



The training you are providing to the security personnel at Critical Intervention Services (CIS), military personnel and law enforcement professionals is unmatched by civilian readiness training for the war on terror.
– U.S. Special Operations Command

School Protection

...The quality of the SPOs' work in the Guardian Program at Shorecrest has made our school the envy of any administrator that has come to observe the program...I give my highest recommendation to the Guardian SafeSchool Program.
– Shorecrest Preparatory School

Community Solutions

CIS officers not only come in and assist us, but they're committed to the community. I never encounted that before.
– Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Tampa Bay Area:
Tel. (727) 461-9417 Toll-free: (800) 247-6055 Hillsborough: (813) 910-4247 Fax (727) 449-1269

Orlando Tri-County Area:
Tel. (407) 420-7945

The staff of CIS is dedicated to providing each client with the finest quality of protective services available.

Our commitment and dedication to professional, ethical, and protocol conscious service is our trademark.

Preserving, projecting, and protecting our clients’ image and interests is our business.

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