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Professional Affiliations

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
CIS security consultants have actively supported new initiatives by AIChE and the American Chemistry Council (ACC) to improve security at domestic chemical plants . CIS consultants also serve as security instructors for AIChE’s Educational Services Department.

ASIS International
CIS professionals have been active members of ASIS International for over 30 years. ASIS International is the world’s largest membership organization for security management professionals and administers several of the industry’s leading professional certifications. CIS staff members teach PSP® and CPP® certification exam preparation courses for regional ASIS chapters and are frequent speakers at ASIS International conferences around the world. Our team also serve as members of several ASIS committees and contributed to the update of ANSI/ASIS Standards.

Executive Security International Alumni Association
Members of the CIS executive staff are former graduates of Executive Security International, founding members of the ESI Alumni Association, and have held position as members of the Board of Directors.

Florida Association of Security Companies (FASCO)
President and CEO of CIS, K.C. Poulin, is a member and Past President of the Florida Association of Security Companies. FASCO members and State regulators work in promoting professionalism and improving the quality of Florida’s security industry.

International Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP)
CIS and our sister company, the S2 Institute, have been partners with IACSP in delivering anti-terrorism training to a global audience for over 25 years. In 2017, IACSP became the accrediting body for the Certified Anti-Terrorism Officer (cATO®) program spearheaded by CIS VP Craig Gundry.

International Association of Security and Investigative Regulators (IASIR)
IASIR is an international organization composed of representatives from government regulatory agencies and private security organizations dedicated to promoting regulatory standards for security officer licensing and regulation. Several CIS staff members have contributed to IASIR initiatives.

International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO)
CIS has been a long-time supporter of IFPO and IFPO educational programs. For decades, CIS uniformed leadership personnel were required to complete the IFPO Certified Protection Officer program as a condition for promotion. CIS president K.C. Poulin is an IFPO Certified Protection Officer Instructor (CPOI) and advisory board member.

Private Investigation, Recovery, and Security Advisory Council (PISAC)
PISAC is an advisory council established by the State of Florida for purposes of providing recommendations relative to the regulation of the private investigative, recovery and repossession, and private security industries in the state. Several CIS staff member have served on PIRSAC over the past 25 years.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
CIS has enjoyed a close relationship with John Jay College of Criminal Justice for over 15 years. Members of the CIS team have served as advisory board members and adjunct instructors for special seminars conducted at JJCCJ’s campus in New York. JJCCJ’s Center for Private Security also conducted a comprehensive peer review of the CIS Guardian SafeSchool Program® in 2014.

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