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Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

CIS security consultants assist clients in risk assessment and designing risk management strategies.

Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Risk is characterized by the presence of two principal factors: Risk Probability (the probability of occurrence of a risk event) and Risk Criticality (the impact/severity of the risk event). In the context of security risk management, Risk Probability is the result of Threat (an adversary with intent and capability to cause harm) and Vulnerability (the state of conditions that would allow the adversary to succeed in causing the risk event). Developing a systematic and objective assessment of this risk situation and its contributing factors is the first step in designing an effective, comprehensive, and cost-justified security program.

CIS consultants assist the risk assessment process in a variety of ways according to our client’s objectives and needs. Our services range from specialized assessment of specific vulnerability concerns (e.g., PPS analysis, red teaming, etc.) to developing new and comprehensive risk assessment methodologies to support client-specific objectives such as security program design, budget planning and strategic decision making, and compliance with regulatory or industry requirements.

Our Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Services include:

    • Security risk assessment of facilities subject to compliance with regulatory mandates (e.g., NERC CIP-014, MTSA, CMS/HHS 81 FR 63859, etc.).

    • Development of custom security risk assessment methodologies to meet the special needs of organizations including energy companies, chemical manufacturers, government agencies, and corporations.

    • Security and emergency readiness assessment of facilities with specific focus on workplace violence, active shooter, and terrorism-related risk.

    • Training in-house security departments in security risk assessment methodology and methods (e.g.,techniques, analytical tools, etc.) for evaluating security vulnerability.

Our Experience and Expertise

    • Our security consultants have assisted in the improvement of proprietary security risk assessment methodologies for organizations including the European Commission, European External Action Service, and AIChE’s Center for Chemical Process Safety.

    • Our security consultants developed the first comprehensive and sustainable security risk assessment methodology (RAM) for use by residential property management companies.

    • CIS (via its sister company, the S2 Institute) is the only company endorsed by the US Department of Justice for providing terrorism-related risk assessment training.

    • Our security consultants have trained hundreds of professionals worldwide in methodology and techniques for assessing security risk and vulnerability. In addition to public workshops, CIS has been privately contracted to provide training on risk assessment topics for organizations such as the European Commission and Abu Dhabi Critical National Infrastructure Authority.

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