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K.C. Poulin, cATO, CPS

President & CEO

KC is an expert on community-based public safety, crime prevention, security officer operations, and managing risks of predatory aggression (e.g., workplace violence, stalking, etc.). KC is the lead architect of our community-based security and public safety programs and is co-author of two criminal justice textbooks. KC is a veteran expert witness and has provided decisive testimony in multiple premises liability cases.


Craig Gundry, PSP, cATO, CPS

VP, Special Projects

Craig is the Vice President of Special Projects for Critical Intervention Services and consultant with over 30-years of specialized focus on designing security programs for protection against acts of terrorism and mass violence. In addition, Craig is an expert witness and columnist for Workplace Violence Today magazine. As an instructor, Craig has trained over 5,000 security professionals globally im advanced security topics.


Hector Rodriguez, cATO, CPOI

AVP, Special Projects

Hector is the Assistant Vice President of Special Projects and a security consultant focusing on matters related to school security, crime prevention for multi-family properties, security department operations, workplace violence, and protection of houses of worship. Hector has over 24 years of experience in security management and previously led one of the most advanced private security operations in the United States.


Shannon Bryson, FCP

Public Safety Consultant

Shannon is an expert on premises liability, crime prevention, community policing, and special event security. As one of the architects of the CIS Private-Sector Led Public Safety Program, he directed the PSLPS program in Orlando for several years. Shannon joins CIS with over 25 years of experience as a DEA agent and tactical instructor.


Mario de Graaf, FCP

Security Consultant

Mario is a CIS consultant specializing in crime prevention and premises liability management in multi-family housing and residential communities. Prior to joining CIS, Mario was a security specialist for the Government of the Netherlands and responsible for the protection of Dutch diplomatic facilities around the world.


Patricia Schmitt, CPP

Associate Security Consultant

Patty is CIS associate consultant with more than three decades of expertise and experience in the security management community. During the span of her career, Patty has assisted a wide range of organizations in matters including risk and vulnerability assessment and developing strategies for improving the overall performance of existing security programs.


Chad Clayton, CPP

Associate Security Consultant

Chad is a CIS Guardian SafeSchool consultant with over twenty-five years of security industry experience. Prior to his engagement with CIS, Chad  managed a wide variety of security projects for Fortune 500 corporations throughout the US, Mexico, Europe, and South America. During his career, Chad has managed executive protection, special event security, and workplace violence prevention and management programs for a diverse range of clients.


John R. Roberts, FCP, CPS

Associate Security Consultant

John is a CIS associate consultant specializing in crime prevention for urban communities and multi-family housing. J.R. joins CIS with more than 30 years of experience in Premise Liability, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Problem Oriented Policing, Risk Management, and Workplace Violence.

In addition to his work as a consultant, John is a veteran expert witness and has provided analysis and testimony in over 300 cases across the United States.

Executive & Administration

Executive Staff

K.C. Poulin, cATO, CPOI, CPS
President / CEO

Tim Sullivan, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Craig Gundry, PSP, cATO
Vice President of Special Projects

Administration & Support

Chris Jones
Director of Information Technology

Ashley Casey

Michelle Madonia

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Contact Us

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