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Emergency Response Planning

Our consultants assist clients around the world in developing effective emergency response plans and preparations.

Unfortunately, organizations that base their emergency response planning on broadly-applied corporate SOP documents or business continuity plans are often ill-prepared for the realities of high stress and imminent events, and often discover a tragic truth in Benjamin Franklin’s words.

Over the past twenty years, organizations around the world have turned to our consultant team for assistance in emergency response planning and improving the readiness of their facilities against a wide spectrum of hazards.  

Emergency Response Planning & Readiness Assessment

All emergency response planning projects commence with a preliminary assessment to identify unique characteristics of the facility’s operations, hazards or consequences specific to the facility (e.g., terrorism, industrial hazards, etc.), and status of current emergency plans. During this stage, our consultant conducts a physical assessment to evaluate the facility’s infrastructure capabilities (e.g., communications, monitoring systems, etc.), egress design, refuge options for hazardous events, assembly areas, and additional issues.

Upon completion of the assessment, our consultant presents a report to the client with recommended improvements essential for developing new emergency response plans.

Emergency Response Planning

After essential improvements have been identified and a plan for remedy is underway, our consultant works with the client to author a new all-hazard Emergency Response Plan (or improvement of existing plans). Activities undertaken at this stage often include structuring Emergency Response Teams and zone captain systems, designing improved processes for emergency communications, designating safety zones (e.g., assembly areas, shelter-in-place rooms, severe weather shelters, etc.) and authoring a system of event-specific emergency procedures for best performance, safety, clarity, and organization.

Some of the types of event annexes contained in our ERPs include:

    • Bomb Threats
    • Suspicious Object/Possible IED or IDD
    • Suspicious Mail Response
    • Suspicious Vehicle/Possible VBIED
    • Explosion/Post-Blast
    • Death
    • Hazardous Materials Incidents (e.g., outdoor, indoor, etc.)
    • Suspected Chem-Bio Attack (Covert)
    • Non-Threatening Trespass/Suspicious Person
    • Precautionary Lockdown
    • Imminent Threat/Armed Attack
    • Escalated Person
    • Workplace Threats and Threatening Behavior
    • Hostage Situation
    • Suicidal Ideation
    • Communicable Disease
    • Medical Emergencies
    • Mass Casualty Situations
    • Tornado (e.g, tornado watch, tornado warning, etc.)
    • Earthquake
    • Sudden Severe Weather
    • Hurricane
    • Fire

Emergency Response Team (ERT) and Employee Training

After new Emergency Response Plans are complete and ready for promulgation, our consultant conducts a series of live training classes to instruct employees in critical aspects of the new plan. In addition to employee training, separate sessions are scheduled to instruct ERT members and zone captains on more complex details of the new procedures.

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