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News Interviews with CIS Security Experts

Our security experts provide news agencies around the world with commentary and interviews on terrorism, active shooter violence, school security, and more.

Expert Interviews for News Media Organizations

In addition to news stories about our accomplishments, CIS security experts have provided news media agencies with hundreds of interviews and expert commentary regarding public safety and security issues.

Our expertise, accurate insight, and communications skills have earned us repeated invitations for interviews with local and national television and radio news programs.

Our areas of specialization include:

      • Active Shooter Violence
        • Dynamics of Active Shooter Attacks
        • Psychology of Active Shooters
        • Protection of Organizations and Facilities Against Active Shooter Events
      • Workplace Violence Prevention
      • Crime and Social Disorder in Urban Communities
        • Strategies for Reclaiming and Rehabilitating High Crime Communities
        • Mending Damaged Perceptions Between Communities and Police
        • Proactive Public Safety & Policing—A Paradigm Shift for Restoring Public Trust in Disaffected Communities
      • Terrorism
        • Dynamics of Terrorist Attacks
        • Terrorist Targeting and Trends Analysis
        • Protection of Facilities Against Terrorist Attacks
        • Response to Terrorist Attacks
        • Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) – Chemical & Biological (Chem-Bio) Terrorism
        • Critical Infrastructure Protection
      • Protection of VIPs, Executives, & Other At-Risk Individuals

For more information about our subject experts or to schedule an interview, contact us at (727) 461-9417.

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News Interviews with CIS Security Experts

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Additional Interviews with Our Security Experts

News Organizations Who Turn to CIS Security Experts for Interviews & Commentary

Following is a partial list of news agencies and syndicated networks that have featured CIS security experts over the past 30 years.

    • ABC 7 – WABC (New York)
    • ABC7 – WWSB (Sarasota)
    • ABC 28 – WFTS-TV
    • ABC World News Tonight
    • Al Jazeera English
    • BBC News
    • Blaze Media
    • Channel 10 News – WTSP (Tampa)
    • CNN
    • Courrier International (France)
    • Crain’s Communications
    • Der Spiegel
    • Fox 13 News – WTVT
    • Fox News Channel
    • News Channel 8 – WFLA (Tampa)
    • NewsNation
    • Orlando Sentinel
    • RTS – RTS Deux (Switzerland)
    • Spectrum Bay News 9
    • Tampa Bay Times
    • USA Today
    • Vi Menn (Norway)
    • Wall Street Journal
    • WFLA Radio

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