Active Shooter Security Consultant Services

CIS security consultants are recognized worldwide for their expertise in assessing and improving facility readiness for active shooter violence.

CIS security consultants have assisted clients around the world in assessing and improving facility readiness for active shooter violence.

Robust risk management programs integrate a number of approaches to mitigate risks of mass homicide. Issues such as workplace violence prevention policies, threat assessment and management, suspicious activity recognition, and positive workforce culture all contribute to reducing the probability of mass homicide in workplace settings.

However, if measures employed to prevent attacks are unsuccessful or an attacker targets the facility in a manner that evades our proactive influence, physical security and emergency preparedness become the most critical lines of defense influencing the overall consequences of the event.

Active Shooter Security & Emergency Readiness Assessment

As leading authorities on facility design and emergency preparation for active shooter events, CIS security consultants have assisted clients worldwide in assessing the vulnerability and readiness of facilities against armed violence. Some of the many issues encompassed in these assessments include:

    • Facility Operations
    • Security and Emergency Infrastructure
      • Public address capabilities
      • Mass Notification Systems
      • Panic alarms and special alert systems
      • Intrusion detection systems
      • CCTV
      • Radio systems
      • Electronic access control
      • Security personnel operations
      • Security control rooms
      • Emergency medical preparations
    • Policies and Procedures
      • Access control and visitor management
      • Security plans for special activities (e.g., childcare, worship services, etc.)
      • Suspicious activity procedures
      • Staff knowledge and training
    • Facility Grounds and Facilities
      • Outdoor barrier design and egress
      • Obscuration of outdoor assembly locations
      • Façade and entrance design
      • Lobby design
      • Safe room design and availability
      • Egress design and obstructions
    • Emergency Response Preparations
      • Emergency Response Teams
      • Emergency Response Plans (e.g., comprehensiveness, procedural measures, safety issues, etc.)

Based on the findings of this assessment, our consultants assist clients in developing a prioritized improvement strategy considering issues such as risk reduction benefit, budget, unique operational needs, and similar factors.

Active Shooter Planning and Architectural Design

Establishing effective security criteria and specifications in the earliest phases of architectural design provides best opportunity to cost-effectively mitigate active shooter risk and avoid mistakes that are often expensive and difficult, if not impossible to correct later.

When engaged as consultants in the early phases of new facility design, CIS consultants assist architects in designing effective physical security and emergency infrastructure while simultaneously creating an aesthetic environment that fosters effective workforce activity, positive branding, and public image.

Additional services for managing risks of active shooter and workplace violence include:

Our experts assist clients in developing Workplace Violence Prevention programs which reduce risk of violence while attending important matters essential for business success.

CIS provides expert assistance to employers in assessing potential threat situations and navigating complex and sensitive decisions essential to managing risks of violence.

CIS security consultants are recognized worldwide for their expertise in assessing and improving physical security and facility preparedness for acts of armed violence.

CIS investigators frequently assist employers and private families in monitoring the behavior of stalkers and menacing employees during the dangerous and uncertain period following hostile terminations.

Over the past 27 years, CIS executive protection specialists have ensured the safety of hundreds of protectees including corporate executives, attorneys, wealthy families, celebrities, media personalities, politicians, presidential candidates, and civil rights leaders.

CIS subject experts have instructed thousands of client employees in threat awareness and response to active shooter violence through customized training sessions.

For companies seeking a comprehensive approach to workplace violence prevention, the CIS Guardian SafeWorkplace Program™ employs a multi-layered strategy for controlling risks of violence in compliance with SHRM best practices and ANSI standards.

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