Mobile Command Center (MCC)


Many CIS special deployments (such as disaster response and special events) are complex operations that require extensive command, communication, and logistical activity. To satisfy the frequent need on these deployments for a field operations center, CIS rolled out its Mobile Command Center (MCC) in 2008. Since then, the MCC has been used on numerous special deployments in a variety of roles as a mobile command center, CCTV surveillance platform, field medical station, and transportation system for equipment and supplies.

The CIS Mobile Command Center (MCC) features:

  • Diesel Generator
  • Exterior Halogen Flood and Work Lights
  • Two Roof-Mounted CCTV Turret Cameras (CCD and FLIR), and internal monitoring station with DVR, Pan/Tilt Controls, and LCD Monitors
  • Riot Control Gear (Helmets, Shields, and Gas Masks)
  • Medical Station with Patient Table, Full Trauma Kit, and Oxygen
  • Racks for Dive Equipment
  • 27” LCD Wall Monitor
  • Commander’s Station including Wrap-Around Work Desk, Base Radios, LCD Monitors, and Computer Station (for access to CIS Matrix and EDICTS)